Steve Kerr Reflects on End of Warriors' Dynasty

The Warriors' dynasty effectively ended in 2019 with Klay's injury, despite their 2022 championship. Coach Kerr reflects on the challenges of sustaining success and the team's future as the Big Three aim to bounce back.

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Steve Kerr Reflects on End of Warriors' Dynasty, Acknowledges 2019 as Turning Point

Steve Kerr Reflects on End of Warriors' Dynasty

Steve Kerr, the head coach of the Golden State Warriors, has reflected on the end of the team's dynasty, acknowledging that it effectively ended in 2019 with Klay Thompson's ACL injury, despite their surprising championship revival in 2022. Kerr noted that the Warriors' dynasty was built on the core trio of Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green, and that Thompson's injury in the 2019 NBA Finals was a critical moment that changed the trajectory of the team.

Despite the Warriors' unexpected championship win in 2022, Kerr recognized that the team's dynasty had already come to an end by that point, as the core group of players had been through so much and faced significant injuries over the years. Kerr emphasized the value of keeping the core trio of Curry, Green, and Thompson together as 'Warriors for life,' similar to Kobe Bryant's legacy with the Lakers. However, he acknowledged the challenges of maintaining a championship contender around the aging players.

Why this matters: The end of the Warriors' dynasty marks a noteworthy shift in the NBA landscape, as they were one of the most dominant teams in recent history. The reflections from Coach Kerr provide insight into the challenges of sustaining success in the league and the impact of injuries on a team's trajectory.

The Warriors now face the challenge of balancing the urgency to return to championship contention with the legacy of their past success. The team must make difficult decisions about their roster, potentially reducing the payroll and incorporating younger, more dynamic players to counter the athletic teams that gave them trouble this season. Kerr acknowledged the need to limit Thompson's minutes and add more shooting to the roster to maximize his effectiveness.

Key Takeaways

  • Warriors' dynasty effectively ended in 2019 with Klay Thompson's ACL injury.
  • Warriors' 2022 championship win did not revive their dynasty, which had already ended.
  • Kerr emphasizes keeping Curry, Green, and Thompson as "Warriors for life" like Kobe.
  • Warriors face challenges balancing past success and returning to championship contention.