TCU Star Safety Bud Clark Balances Fatherhood and Football in 2024

Bud Clark, a TCU football standout, juggles fatherhood, academics, and athletics, drawing inspiration from his pioneering mother's values of hard work and family. His story inspires others facing similar challenges.

Salman Khan
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TCU Star Safety Bud Clark Balances Fatherhood and Football in 2024

TCU Star Safety Bud Clark Balances Fatherhood and Football in 2024

Bud Clark, the standout safety for the TCU football team, is managing the challenges of being a full-time student, a starter on a Power Five team, and a father to his 1-year-old son Kenzo. Clark, who is raising Kenzo with his girlfriend Nesha Cooper, has embraced his roles with enthusiasm and draws inspiration from his mother, Katoya Flowers.

Flowers, who was a pioneer as the first female mechanic at her company, worked multiple jobs to support her family and instilled in Clark the values of hard work, honesty, and family. "My mom encouraged me and my siblings to always make others smile," Clark said, reflecting on his mother's influence on his personality and work ethic.

Despite the requirements of fatherhood and football, Clark has found an extended family within the TCU football program. The coaches and players have become uncles, aunties, and grandparents to Kenzo, who has become a cherished figure around the team.

Why this matters: Clark's story highlights the difficulties faced by student-athletes who balance their athletic and academic pursuits with the responsibilities of parenthood. His success on and off the field serves as an inspiration to others facing similar circumstances.

As Clark continues to excel on the football field and raise his son with the support of his girlfriend and the TCU community, he remains focused on the values his mother taught him. "I want to work hard, be honest, and always put my family first, just like my mom did for us," Clark said, emphasizing the importance of his mother's legacy in shaping his own path as a father and a leader.

Key Takeaways

  • Bud Clark, TCU football safety, balances student, athlete, and father roles.
  • Clark's mother, a pioneering female mechanic, instilled values of hard work and family.
  • TCU football program provides extended family support for Clark and his son Kenzo.
  • Clark's story inspires others facing the challenges of student-athlete parenthood.
  • Clark aims to emulate his mother's legacy of hard work, honesty, and family-first values.