West Virginia Mountaineers Poised for Strong Showing in 2024 NFL Draft

The article discusses the 2024 NFL Draft prospects of several West Virginia Mountaineers football players, including Wyatt Milum, Dante Martin, Aubrey Burks, and CJ Taylor, who are projected to be drafted in various rounds, with others potentially signing as undrafted free agents. The players' performance during their senior campaign will impact their draft stock, with the college football season serving as the context for their journey to the professional level. This description focuses on the primary topic of the article (2024 NFL Draft prospects of West Virginia Mountaineers players), the main entities (the players mentioned), the context (the college football season), and the significant actions (their performance impacting their draft stock). It provides objective and relevant details that will guide the AI in creating an accurate visual representation of the article's content.

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West Virginia Mountaineers Poised for Strong Showing in 2024 NFL Draft

West Virginia Mountaineers Poised for Strong Showing in 2024 NFL Draft

As the 2024 NFL Draft approaches, several West Virginia Mountaineers players are generating buzz among scouts and analysts. Leading the pack is offensive tackle Wyatt Milum, who is currently projecting as a second-round pick but could climb into the late first round with a strong senior campaign.

Defensive lineman Dante Martin is another Mountaineer drawing attention, with a fourth-round projection that could improve if he increases his sack production and consistently pressures opposing quarterbacks. Safety Aubrey Burks, also pegged as a fourth-round talent, aims to establish himself as one of the Big 12's premier defensive backs in his final collegiate season.

Tight end CJ Taylor rounds out the group of Mountaineers currently projected to be drafted, with a fifth-round grade. However, scouts believe Taylor's stock could rise if he develops into a quality blocker to complement his receiving skills.

While these four players lead the Mountaineers' draft prospects, several others are viewed as potential undrafted free agent signings. Quarterback Garrett Greene will need to showcase improved passing ability and add size to catch the eye of NFL teams. Center Brandon Yates' versatility, having played multiple positions on the offensive line, makes him an attractive target for rookie minicamp invitations.

On the defensive side, lineman Fatorma Mulbah has the opportunity to anchor the middle of the Mountaineers' front and play his way into draft consideration. Cornerback Garnett Hollis Jr. possesses the length and size NFL teams covet but must become more active around the ball to secure a roster spot. Other potential undrafted free agents include offensive lineman Nick Malone, defensive linemen T.J. Jackson and Edward Vesterinen, and linebackers Tyrin Bradley and Ty French.

The 2024 NFL Draft is shaping up to be an exciting one for West Virginia fans, with several Mountaineers poised to make an impact at the professional level. As the college football season unfolds, these prospects will have the chance to showcase their skills and improve their draft stock, potentially leading to even more Mountaineers hearing their names called next April.

Key Takeaways

  • Wyatt Milum projected as 2nd-round pick, could rise to 1st round with strong senior season.
  • Dante Martin, Aubrey Burks, and CJ Taylor also projected to be drafted in 2024 NFL Draft.
  • Several Mountaineers viewed as potential undrafted free agent signings, including QB Garrett Greene.
  • Fatorma Mulbah, Garnett Hollis Jr., and others have opportunity to play their way into draft consideration.
  • 2024 NFL Draft shaping up to be exciting for West Virginia fans with multiple Mountaineers poised to make an impact.