Kamil Stoch to Have Individual Coach for Upcoming Ski Jumping Season

Veteran Polish ski jumper Kamil Stoch to have personal coach for 2024/25 season, aiming for Nordic World Ski Championships glory after disappointing 2023/24.

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Kamil Stoch to Have Individual Coach for Upcoming Ski Jumping Season

Kamil Stoch to Have Individual Coach for Upcoming Ski Jumping Season

Kamil Stoch, the acclaimed Polish ski jumper and three-time Olympic champion, will have an individual coach for the upcoming 2024/25 ski jumping season. The Polish Ski Association (PZN) announced the decision to provide Stoch with personalized coaching, although the specific details of the arrangement, including the name of the coach, have not yet been disclosed.

This individualized approach signifies a change from Stoch's previous training setup as the 36-year-old athlete prepares for the new season. Despite a disappointing 2023/24 season without any podium finishes in the World Cup, Stoch has decided not to retire and instead focus on his big goal: the upcoming Nordic World Ski Championships in Trondheim.

The PZN has given Stoch the green light to work with Michal Dolezal, a former Czech ski jumper who most recently served as a co-coach for the German national team. Dolezal's experience and expertise are anticipated to provide valuable support and guidance to Stoch as he aims to regain his top form and compete at the highest level.

Why this matters: Kamil Stoch's decision to continue his career and work with an individual coach underscores the dedication and perseverance of elite athletes. The personalized coaching approach could potentially help Stoch overcome the challenges he faced in the previous season and make a strong comeback on the international stage.

Meanwhile, Tyrolean Thomas Thurnbichler will continue in his role as the head coach for the Polish national ski jumping team. The collaboration between Stoch's individual coach and the national team's coaching staff is expected to create a supportive and synergistic environment for the athlete's training and development.

As Kamil Stoch embarks on this new chapter in his illustrious career, fans and the ski jumping community eagerly await the upcoming season to witness the impact of his personalized coaching arrangement. With his sights set on the Nordic World Ski Championships in Trondheim, Stoch's determination and the support of his individual coach could propel him to new heights and add another remarkable chapter to his legacy in the sport of ski jumping.

Key Takeaways

  • Kamil Stoch, 3-time Olympic champion, to have individual coach for 2024/25 season.
  • Stoch, 36, aims to regain top form for Nordic World Ski Championships in Trondheim.
  • Michal Dolezal, former Czech jumper, to coach Stoch, while Thurnbichler remains Polish team head.
  • Personalized coaching approach expected to help Stoch overcome challenges from previous season.
  • Stoch's determination and individual coach support could propel him to new heights in ski jumping.