Japan Proposes International Framework for Generative AI Governance

Japan to propose global AI regulation framework at OECD meeting, aiming to address risks like disinformation and promote responsible AI development.

Muhammad Jawad
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Japan to Propose International Framework for Regulating Generative AI at OECD Meeting

Japan to Propose International Framework for Regulating Generative AI at OECD Meeting

Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida is set to announce the creation of an international framework for regulating and using generative AI at the upcoming meeting of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) in early May 2024. The meeting, to be held in Paris, is expected to draw participation from more than 40 countries, with Japan aiming to take the lead in establishing global rules for AI.

The proposed framework will build upon the Hiroshima AI Process, which was initiated by Japan during its G7 chairmanship last year. The Hiroshima AI Process resulted in the compilation of the first comprehensive international agreement on generative AI, addressing the risks and promoting safe usage of the technology. Kishida seeks to invite OECD member countries, including the G7 and EU nations, to endorse the outcome of the Hiroshima AI Process at the upcoming meeting.

Why this matters: The rapid advancement of generative AI has raised concerns about potential risks, such as the dissemination of false information. The establishment of an international framework for regulating AI is vital to ensure its responsible development and deployment on a global scale.

During the OECD meeting, Kishida will emphasize the importance of addressing the risks associated with generative AI, particularly the threat of disinformation. He will also promote the use of Originator Profile (OP) technology as a means to verify the authenticity of online data. Japan plans to showcase the progress of the Hiroshima AI Process and the usefulness of OP through a video presentation at the meeting.

The international community has recognized the need for collaboration in regulating AI, given its potential influence on various aspects of society. By taking the initiative to propose an international framework, Japan aims to foster cooperation among nations in developing guidelines and best practices for the responsible use of generative AI.

As stated by a Japanese government official, "The Hiroshima AI Process has laid the groundwork for international cooperation on generative AI regulation. By building upon this foundation at the OECD meeting, we hope to establish a global framework that promotes the safe and responsible use of this transformative technology."

Key Takeaways

  • Japan to propose intl. framework for regulating generative AI at OECD meeting.
  • Framework builds on Hiroshima AI Process, aims to address risks like disinformation.
  • Kishida to promote Originator Profile tech to verify online data authenticity.
  • Japan seeks global cooperation in developing AI regulation guidelines and best practices.
  • Establishing intl. framework crucial for responsible development and deployment of AI.