AirPods Pro Offer Customizable EQ, Live Listen, and More

Apple's AirPods Pro wireless earbuds have been updated with new features to enhance the listening experience, including customizable EQ settings, Live Listen, and one-sided noise cancellation, allowing users to tailor their audio experience to their preferences and environment. These features, accessible through iPhone settings, provide a more personalized and high-quality listening experience for users." This description focuses on the primary topic of the article (AirPods Pro updates), the main entity (Apple's AirPods Pro), and the context (iPhone settings). It also highlights the significant actions (customizable EQ settings, Live Listen, and one-sided noise cancellation) and implications (enhanced listening experience) related to the subject matter. The description provides objective and relevant details that will guide the AI in creating an accurate visual representation of the article's content.

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AirPods Pro Offer Customizable EQ, Live Listen, and More

AirPods Pro Offer Customizable EQ, Live Listen, and More

Apple's AirPods Pro wireless earbuds have gained several new features that enhance the listening experience for users. A recent video and article highlighted some of the key capabilities, including customizable EQ settings, the Live Listen feature, and the ability to enable noise cancellation on just one AirPod.

The customizable EQ feature allows users to select from a set of predetermined EQ profiles, but only for music played through Apple Music. While there are no true EQ sliders for granular control, the preset options give listeners some ability to tailor the sound to their preferences. Accessing the EQ settings is done through the Settings > Music > EQ menu on the iPhone.

Another useful feature is Live Listen, which turns the user's iPhone into a remote microphone that relays sounds to the AirPods. This can be handy for parents who want to keep an ear on their child's room from another location. Setting up Live Listen involves going to Settings > Control Center > Customize Controls > Hearing > Live Listen.

The AirPods Pro also offer the option to enable noise cancellation on just a single AirPod. This one-sided noise cancellation mode can be beneficial in situations like riding on a plane, train, or treadmill where users may want to block out noise on one side while staying aware of their surroundings. Enabling this involves going to Settings > Accessibility > Audio/Visual > Mono Audio > On, and then toggling on "Noise Cancellation" for the desired AirPod.

Additional AirPods Pro features mentioned include Shared Audio for two users to listen from the same device, Conversation Boost to improve voice clarity in noisy environments, and Microphone Prioritization to favor input from one AirPod over the other. The Accessibility settings contain various other options that can further personalize and optimize the AirPods experience for each user's needs.

The video and article serve to showcase some of the AirPods Pro's lesser-known capabilities that can help users get more out of Apple's premium wireless earbuds. With active noise cancellation, customizable audio settings, handy special modes, and deep integration with Apple devices, the AirPods Pro aim to deliver a tailored, high-quality listening experience suited to a variety of preferences and scenarios.

Key Takeaways

  • AirPods Pro offer customizable EQ settings for Apple Music.
  • Live Listen turns iPhone into a remote microphone for AirPods.
  • One-sided noise cancellation mode available for single AirPod.
  • Shared Audio allows two users to listen from the same device.
  • Accessibility settings offer additional customization options.