Airtel and Jio Offer Data Loans and Free Data to Prepaid Users in India

Airtel launches data loan and emergency validity offers for prepaid users, allowing them to borrow 1GB of data or get unlimited voice calling and 1.5GB of data. Jio offers up to 6GB of free data to prepaid users through its MyJio app, where users can participate in games and win data vouchers.

Nitish Verma
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Airtel and Jio Offer Data Loans and Free Data to Prepaid Users in India

Airtel and Jio Offer Data Loans and Free Data to Prepaid Users in India

As mobile data consumption in India continues to soar, reaching an average of 24.1 GB per month in 2023 according to the Nokia MBiT Index Report, telecom providers are introducing new ways to keep prepaid users connected. Airtel and Jio, two major players in the Indian telecom market, have recently launched data loan and free data voucher offers for their prepaid subscribers.

Why this matters: The increasing demand for mobile data in India has significant implications for the country's digital economy and the daily lives of its citizens. As telecom providers innovate to meet this demand, it can have a ripple effect on various industries and aspects of society, such as education, healthcare, and commerce.

Airtel's data loan facility allows both 2G and 4G users to borrow 1GB of data by calling '52141' or dialing '*567*3'. This service is available for customers who have been with the network for at least three months. The borrowed 1GB data comes with a validity of two days, and there is no carry-forward support. When the user recharges their number with a new data pack, Airtel deducts the borrowed 1GB from the new pack.

In addition to the data loan, Airtel has also introduced an emergency validity and data loan facility for its prepaid users in select telecom circles, including Rajasthan, Kerala, and Andhra Pradesh. This offer allows users to avail a 1-day loan with unlimited voice calling and 1.5 GB of data by making an IVR call to Airtel or dialing the USSD code *567*2. The loan amount is deducted from the user's next recharge and is available for select Airtel prepaid plans, such as ₹155, ₹179, and ₹199.

Meanwhile, Jio is offering up to 6GB of free data to its prepaid users through the MyJio app. Users can open the app, click on "Play&Win", select any of the offer banners, and answer simple questions to win data vouchers. However, to participate in these games, users must enter personal details like their name, phone number, and email ID, which will be shared with Jio's partners.

These offers come as a relief to many prepaid users who often face daily data limits and run out of data before their validity expires. While Jio has discontinued its emergency data voucher facility for prepaid users, the MyJio app trick still allows users to obtain free data. Airtel's data loan and emergency validity offers provide a lifeline to users in need of immediate data or validity extensions.

As the demand for mobile data continues to grow in India, telecom providers are finding innovative ways to cater to the needs of their prepaid subscribers. Airtel's data loan and emergency validity offers, along with Jio's free data vouchers through the MyJio app, demonstrate the companies' efforts to keep users connected and engaged with their services.

Key Takeaways

  • Airtel offers 1GB data loan for 2G/4G users with 2-day validity.
  • Jio provides up to 6GB free data through MyJio app's "Play&Win" feature.
  • Airtel's data loan is available for users with 3+ months of service.
  • Airtel's emergency validity offer includes unlimited voice calling and 1.5GB data.
  • Telecom providers innovate to meet India's growing mobile data demand.