Android 15 to Optimize UI for Phones in Landscape Mode

Android 15 to introduce landscape-optimized UI for phones, with revamped Quick Settings, lock screen, and notifications, enhancing user experience for landscape-oriented usage.

Salman Akhtar
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Android 15 to Optimize UI for Phones in Landscape Mode

Android 15 to Optimize UI for Phones in Landscape Mode

Android 15, the upcoming version of Google's mobile operating system, is set to introduce tablet-inspired optimizations for the user interface on phones utilized in landscape orientation. According to Android expert Mishaal Rahman, the Quick Settings panel and lock screen will be reorganized to make better use of the wide canvas available when the device is in landscape mode.

Currently, the Quick Settings panel on phones running Android 14 appears stretched and awkward in landscape orientation. In contrast, Android 14-based tablets have a side-by-side configuration for Quick Settings and notifications, allowing for more information to be displayed in the same area with less wasted space. The new landscape-optimized Quick Settings interface is in development for phones and may be released with Android 15 this fall, though the implementation is currently unfinished and buggy.

In addition to the Quick Settings panel, Android 15 will feature a redesigned landscape lock screen interface. The lock screen and unlock controls will reorient to fit a landscape display, unlike the current portrait-only orientation in Android 14. The new layout will show the clock widget on the left, leaving space for notifications on the right. When unlocking the phone, the keypad will appear on the right, and the entered PIN will be on the left, making better use of the screen space.

After unlocking, the quick setting toggles and notifications will appear simultaneously, each occupying one side of the screen, eliminating the wasted space seen in Android 14. These improvements have been under development since September 2023 in Android 14 QPR1 Beta 1, but are still not fully finished, with a few bugs remaining.

Why this matters: The upcoming changes in Android 15 aim to improve the user experience for Android phones used in landscape orientation, such as when using a car mount or a clip-on game controller. By optimizing the UI for landscape mode, Android 15 will provide a more compact and feature-rich experience, making it easier for users to access important settings and notifications while using their devices in a horizontal position.

Google is expected to complete the development of the new landscape UI for the home screen, lock screen, notifications, and quick settings by the time Android 15 is announced at Google I/O 2024 on May 14, 2024. These changes may also be incorporated into One UI 7.0 for Galaxy phones, making them more usable in landscape mode. As Android continues to evolve and adapt to user needs, the landscape-optimized UI in Android 15 represents a significant step forward in improving the overall user experience on mobile devices.

Key Takeaways

  • Android 15 to optimize UI for phones in landscape mode
  • Quick Settings and lock screen to be redesigned for landscape
  • Landscape lock screen will show clock, notifications, and keypad
  • Landscape UI improvements in development since Android 14 QPR1
  • Landscape UI changes may also come to Samsung's One UI 7.0