Apple Unveils M4-Powered iPad Pro at 'Let Loose' Event

Apple unveiled the latest iPad Pro at its 'Let Loose' event, powered by the M4 chip, which delivers a 20% performance boost over the M3 MacBook Air and 42% over the previous M2 iPad Pro. The M4 chip's impressive benchmarks and features are expected to revitalize interest in the iPad Pro lineup.

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Apple Unveils M4-Powered iPad Pro at 'Let Loose' Event

Apple Unveils M4-Powered iPad Pro at 'Let Loose' Event

At Apple's highly anticipated 'Let Loose' event in New York on May 11, 2024, the tech giant unveiled the latest iteration of its iPad Pro, now powered by the cutting-edge M4 chip. The updated device is expected to breathe new life into the iPad Pro's declining sales, offering a significant performance boost over its predecessor.

The M4 chip, built on TSMC's second-generation 3 nanometer process (N3E), delivers impressive benchmarks, with Geekbench scores showing a single-core CPU performance of around 3700 and a multi-core score of approximately 14500. This represents a 20% generational jump compared to the M3 MacBook Air released in March and a staggering 42% improvement over the previous M2 iPad Pro.

Why this matters: The updated iPad Pro's performance capabilities have significant implications for the future of mobile computing, potentially blurring the lines between laptops and tablets. As Apple continues to push the boundaries of its chip technology, it may force competitors to reevaluate their own strategies, leading to a wave of innovation in the tech industry.

The M4 chip's multi-core performance rivals that of the higher-end M3 Pro Mac chip, which is available in the 14-inch MacBook Pro starting at $2199. The chip boasts improved branch prediction, wider execution engines across both performance and high-efficiency cores, and upgraded ML accelerators for machine learning tasks. The Neural Engine has also received a significant upgrade, now capable of up to 38 trillion operations per second, more than double that of the M3.

Despite the iPad Pro's impressive performance, its potential as a laptop replacement remains hindered by limitations imposed by Apple to protect MacBook sales. The constraints of iPadOS and the available apps and software on the platform continue to be significant roadblocks for users seeking a complete laptop alternative.

One attendee at the event expressed their amazement upon picking up the new iPad Pro, "I picked up the iPad Pro at this event in New York and, like, out loud, involuntarily, just said, 'holy shit.'" This sentiment reflects the device's impressive features and performance, which are expected to revitalize interest in the iPad Pro lineup.

As the year progresses, Apple enthusiasts can expect to see the launch of higher-end members of the M4 family, such as the M4 Pro and M4 Max, in new MacBook Pros by the end of 2024. The M4-powered iPad Pro marks a significant step forward in performance, but its true potential as a laptop replacement remains constrained by Apple's strategic limitations.