BMW Classic Offers Digital 'Birth Certificate' for Older Models

BMW Classic introduces digital 'Birth Certificates' for classic BMW owners, providing vehicle details for a fee, though not guaranteeing authenticity.

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BMW Classic Offers Digital 'Birth Certificate' for Older Models

BMW Classic Offers Digital 'Birth Certificate' for Older Models

BMW Classic, the classic car division of BMW, has introduced a new digital 'Birth Certificate' for owners of older BMW models. The certificate documents key details about the vehicle, including the production date, delivery date, original color, and optional equipment. However, it does not guarantee the authenticity of the vehicle.

To apply for the digital birth certificate, owners must provide proof of ownership and photos of the chassis and engine numbers. The certificate is available as a digitally signed PDF file for a fee of €125 ($133). This price is higher than the previous cost of €90 for the physical 'Vehicle Certificate' that the digital version substitutes.

The digital birth certificate provides technical details such as the chassis number, engine number, transmission number, original paint, production date, delivery date, and the name of the first owner. It also includes information about the optional extras installed on the vehicle, which is of interest to collectors and restorers. Both classic BMW automobiles and motorcycles are eligible for the birth certificate.

BMW claims the new digital protocol will make certifying vehicles easier, though the certificate cannot be used to publicly display a vehicle's authenticity at car shows. The name change from 'Vehicle Certificate' to 'Birth Certificate' is intended to prevent dubious classic car sellers from misleading buyers about BMW's verification of authenticity.

Why this matters: The digital birth certificate from BMW Classic provides a modern way to document the history and details of classic BMW vehicles. While it does not guarantee authenticity, it offers valuable information for collectors, restorers, and potential buyers of these iconic cars and motorcycles.

BMW Classic dispatches the digital birth certificate documents from the BMW Group Archive. Additional shipping costs may apply. Due to privacy concerns, BMW no longer accepts telephone inquiries about the certificates, but customers can contact them via email. The level of detail documented in the birth certificate varies depending on the vehicle's model and age, with newer models having more comprehensive data recorded.

Key Takeaways

  • BMW Classic offers digital 'Birth Certificates' for owners of older BMW models.
  • Certificates document vehicle details like production date, color, and optional equipment.
  • Owners must provide proof of ownership and photos of chassis/engine numbers.
  • Certificates cost €125, higher than previous 'Vehicle Certificate' at €90.
  • Certificates aim to prevent misleading claims about BMW's authenticity verification.