Ford Opens Applications for Limited-Edition 2025 Mustang GTD Supercar

Ford opens applications for the limited-edition, 800-hp Mustang GTD supercar, priced at $325,000. Aimed at motorsport enthusiasts, the car requires a rigorous application process to ensure it goes to genuine owners who will drive and enjoy it.

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Ford Opens Applications for Limited-Edition 2025 Mustang GTD Supercar

Ford Opens Applications for Limited-Edition 2025 Mustang GTD Supercar

Ford has officially opened the application process for the highly anticipated 2025 Mustang GTD, a street-legal, high-performance version of the iconic Mustang. The limited-production supercar, priced at $325,000, is aimed squarely at experienced motorsport enthusiasts in the United States and Canada.

The Mustang GTD boasts an impressive array of performance features, including a powerful twin-turbocharged V-8 engine that delivers around 800 horsepower. This beast of a car is designed for both on-road and track use, catering to a niche market of dedicated automotive enthusiasts who desire the ultimate driving experience.

To ensure that the GTD ends up in the hands of genuine enthusiasts, Ford has implemented a rigorous application process similar to that used for the Ford GT supercar. Prospective buyers must provide detailed information about their relationship with the Ford and Lincoln brands, as well as submit a 60-second video explaining why they would be an ideal Mustang GTD owner.

Ford is specifically seeking collectors, Mustang enthusiasts, and individuals who are active in the motorsport community. Applicants are required to demonstrate their motorsport experience, whether as a fan, team member, or driver, and showcase their ability to properly handle and appreciate the high-performance vehicle. The company wants to ensure that the GTD goes to owners who will actually drive and enjoy the car, rather than let it sit idle in a garage.

Why this matters: The release of the 2025 Mustang GTD signifies a notable milestone for Ford as it continues to challenge the boundaries of performance and exclusivity in the automotive industry. This limited-edition supercar not only caters to the desires of hardcore enthusiasts but also showcases Ford's commitment to innovation and maintaining its position as a leader in the high-performance vehicle market.

North American production of the Mustang GTD is expected to commence in late 2024 or early 2025, with a total of just 500 units planned. The application window for U.S. and Canadian buyers is open now until May 20, 2024, while other regions will have the opportunity to apply starting in June. "We're looking for Mustang GTD owners who will actually drive and enjoy the car, not just let it sit in a garage," a Ford spokesperson stated, emphasizing the company's desire to place these exclusive vehicles in the hands of genuine enthusiasts who order the car.

Key Takeaways

  • Ford opens application for 2025 Mustang GTD, a $325,000 high-performance supercar.
  • Mustang GTD features 800 hp twin-turbo V8, designed for on-road and track use.
  • Ford implements rigorous application process to ensure GTD goes to genuine enthusiasts.
  • Only 500 units planned for North America, production starts late 2024 or early 2025.
  • Ford seeks Mustang GTD owners who will actively drive and enjoy the exclusive vehicle.