Luminar Slashes Workforce by 20% in Major Restructuring

Luminar Technologies, an autonomous vehicle company, is reducing its full-time employee base by 20% and outsourcing production to cut costs and accelerate product development. The restructuring effort is expected to result in $400 million in savings over five years and $80 million in annual savings.

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Luminar Slashes Workforce by 20% in Major Restructuring

Luminar Slashes Workforce by 20% in Major Restructuring

Luminar Technologies, a leading autonomous vehicle technology company, has announced a significant restructuring effort that includes reducing its full-time employee base by approximately 20%. The move is part of Luminar's shift towards an "asset-light" business model, aimed at accelerating product development, reducing costs, and improving profitability.

Why this matters: The restructuring of Luminar, a major player in the autonomous vehicle industry, has significant implications for the future of transportation and job markets. As the industry continues to evolve, companies like Luminar will play a crucial role in shaping the landscape of autonomous vehicles, and their business decisions will have a ripple effect on the economy and workforce.

The workforce reduction will affect around 140 employees with immediate effect, and Luminar is also terminating contracts with "the majority" of its contract workers. Austin Russell, the company's founder and CEO, stated that the current business model and cost structure are no longer suitable for Luminar's needs. "Today, we stand at the crossroads of two realities: the core of our business has never been stronger across technology, product, industrialization, and commercialization; yet at the same time the capital markets perception of our company has never been more challenging," Russell said.

Luminar has invested $1.8 billion in research and development to build its breakthrough technology foundation and has successfully launched its Start of Production (SOP) at a global scale, with the first production model being the Volvo EX90. The company's vision is to democratize safety and enable autonomy, which is supported by a new legal mandate from US regulators requiring advanced automatic emergency braking functionality on all new vehicles by 2029.

As part of the restructuring, Luminar is outsourcing more of its industrialization process to existing partners, including TPK, which has committed to an exclusive relationship with the company. This shift is expected to result in more than $400 million in savings over the next 5 years and over $80 million in annual savings. "This shift also means a substantial reduction in costs across the board. By far the most difficult and emotional decision has been to reduce our full-time employee base by roughly 20% which we announced today," Russell stated.

The restructuring announcement has had an immediate impact on Luminar's stock, with shares losing over 60% of their value this year as of Wednesday's close. However, the company's shares rose nearly 10% in afternoon trade following the announcement. Luminar is taking steps to provide significant support for exiting employees and expects to realize substantial cost savings while accelerating its long-term growth and path to profitability. The restructuring effort is not expected to materially affect Luminar's growth plan, and will instead enable an acceleration of its product timelines and scale.

Key Takeaways

  • Luminar Technologies to cut 20% of full-time employees (around 140 jobs).
  • Company shifts to "asset-light" business model to reduce costs and improve profitability.
  • Luminar to outsource industrialization process, saving $400M over 5 years.
  • Restructuring aims to accelerate product development and improve profitability.
  • Company's stock rises 10% after announcement, despite 60% loss in value this year.