Nissan Africa Showcases Locally-Built Navaras in Bold Cross-Continent Drive

Nissan's "Daring Africa" campaign showcases its locally-built Navara pickup's capabilities by driving it across 8 African countries, highlighting the vehicle's suitability for the continent's diverse conditions and Nissan's commitment to the African market.

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Nissan Africa Showcases Locally-Built Navaras in Bold Cross-Continent Drive

Nissan Africa Showcases Locally-Built Navaras in Bold Cross-Continent Drive

Nissan Africa has launched its ambitious "Daring Africa" campaign, showcasing the capabilities of its new locally-built Navara pickup trucks by driving them from the company's South African factory through eight African countries to its plant in Egypt.

The expedition, which recently passed through Zimbabwe, aims to highlight Nissan's commitment to the African market and the Navara's suitability for the continent's diverse driving conditions.

The Daring Africa journey began at Nissan's factory in South Africa, where the Navaras were taken straight off the production line with minimal modifications. Led by experienced off-road driver Heine Engelbrecht, the team is traversing Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi, Tanzania, Kenya, and Egypt in four Navaras and an X-Trail support vehicle. Along the way, they are engaging with local media and key clients to demonstrate the Navara's capabilities firsthand.

In Zimbabwe, Nissan has a strong presence with four accredited sales companies. The Navara single and double cab models are the best-selling brands in the country, popular with government, parastatals, corporates, and companies. Nissan Clover Leaf Motors, a leading dealership in Zimbabwe, is projecting a 15.38% increase in overall vehicle sales this year, targeting 1,500 units compared to 1,300 in 2023. The company aims to increase its market share to 30% and is working on expanding credit offerings through partnerships with banks to make the Navara more accessible to individual buyers.

Why this matters: Nissan's Daring Africa campaign showcases the company's commitment to producing vehicles tailored for the African market and supporting local economies through manufacturing and sales partnerships. The expedition's success could bolster Nissan's position in the competitive African automotive market and demonstrate the reliability and versatility of its vehicles in challenging driving conditions across the continent.

The Daring Africa expedition is a testament to Nissan's confidence in the locally-built Navara's durability and performance. Heine Engelbrecht praised the vehicle's capabilities, stating, "The Navaras have proven to be capable in the diverse terrain and driving conditions encountered during the expedition." Later this year, Nissan will begin exporting the Navara to Egypt, further expanding its presence in the African market. As the journey continues through the remaining countries, Nissan aims to solidify the Navara's reputation as a vehicle "specifically built for Africa by Africans."

Key Takeaways

  • Nissan launched the "Daring Africa" campaign to showcase Navara pickup trucks
  • Expedition drives Navaras from South Africa to Egypt through 8 African countries
  • Nissan has a strong presence in Zimbabwe, Navara is a best-selling brand
  • The campaign aims to demonstrate Navara's reliability and suitability for Africa
  • Nissan to begin exporting Navara to Egypt, expanding African market presence