Ratty 1990s Porsche Boxster Offers Performance Despite Flaws

A 1990s Porsche Boxster with 93,500 miles is for sale, boasting a strong engine and smooth transmission despite cosmetic imperfections. The car has recent maintenance records and no major mechanical issues, making it a compelling choice for enthusiasts.

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Ratty 1990s Porsche Boxster Offers Performance Despite Flaws

Ratty 1990s Porsche Boxster Offers Performance Despite Flaws

A 1990s-era Porsche Boxster in Guards Red with a Beige interior is up for sale, boasting a strong engine and smooth transmission despite its cosmetic imperfections. The car features a 5-speed manual transmission, a cabriolet body style, and 93,500 miles on the odometer.

A pre-purchase inspection found no major mechanical issues with the Boxster. The seller describes the engine as"solid and pulls strong,"while the transmission engages"swiftly like a hot butter knife. "Recent maintenanceincludes new brakes with rotors, pads, and fluid, as well as oil, transmission fluid, and filter changes. The seller has receipts for the parts and performed the brake work themselves.

The Boxster's interior is in good condition, with all features functioning properly, including the top, windows, radio, and climate control. The 3-spoke steering wheel adds a sporty touch. However, the interior could benefit from professional detailing and carpet cleaning. The seat covers have been replaced with German leather featuring the iconic Porsche crest.

On the exterior, the Boxster shows its age with peeling clear coat on the hood, left rear quarter panel, and trunk lid. The rear bumper has been poorly painted, while the front bumper, although painted, is improperly installed, leaving a noticeable gap with the frunk lid. The convertible top canvas remains in good shape, but the plastic rear window has a small tear patched with clear tape.

Despite its cosmetic shortcomings, this 1990s Porsche Boxster presents an opportunity for someone seeking a reliable and performance-oriented vehicle. The seller, a member of the Porsche Club of America, is confident in the car's mechanical soundness, stating, "I would drive this car 1000 miles with no hesitation." They suggest it would make an excellent track toy or a first car for a teenager learning to drive a manual transmission.

The Boxster comes with limited documentation, including maintenance records listed on Carfax, but no receipts, manuals, or records of IMS bearing work. The seller is offering the car for sale through the Porsche Club of America's test drive program. For enthusiasts willing to overlook cosmetic flaws in favor of driving performance, this 1990s Porsche Boxster could be a compelling choice at the right price.