Toyota to Adopt BYD's Plug-in Hybrid Tech in New Models

Toyota will adopt BYD's plug-in hybrid technology in new models over the next three years, replacing diesel engines in popular dual-cab offerings. The partnership will initially focus on the Chinese market, expanding Toyota's plug-in hybrid offerings.

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Toyota to Adopt BYD's Plug-in Hybrid Tech in New Models

Toyota to Adopt BYD's Plug-in Hybrid Tech in New Models

Toyota, the world's largest automaker, is set to adopt plug-in hybrid technology from Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer BYD in its new models over the next three years. The move is expected to replace diesel engines in popular dual-cab offerings like the HiLux, signaling a significant shift towards electrification in Toyota's lineup.

Why this matters: This partnership marks a significant step towards reducing carbon emissions in the automotive industry, as plug-in hybrid technology can significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions compared to traditional diesel engines. As the world's largest automaker, Toyota's adoption of this technology could set a precedent for other manufacturers to follow, accelerating the transition to moreenvironmentally friendly vehicles.

BYD, known for its electric vehicles and battery technology, has developed a plug-in hybrid system called DM-i (Dual Mode Intelligent) that Toyota finds suitable for its cars. The DM-i technology is already used in BYD's own plug-in hybrid models, such as the Song Max MPV and Shark pickup.

Toyota currently offers several environmentally friendly vehicles, including hybrid and electric models, but its plug-in hybrid lineup is limited compared to regular hybrids. The partnership with BYD allows Toyota to expand its plug-in hybrid offerings, particularly in the Chinese market where BYD has a strong presence.

The new plug-in hybrid models using BYD's technology will initially be sold only in China. It remains unclear whether Toyota plans to introduce these models in other markets. In Indonesia, for example, Toyota currently sells only one plug-in hybrid model, the RAV4 PHEV, with a single variant.

The adoption of BYD's plug-in hybrid technology by Toyota marks a significant development in the electric vehicle market. As Chinese EV manufacturers like BYD become increasingly competitive globally, partnerships with established automakers like Toyota could accelerate the transition to electrified transportation.