Bluesky Enhances User Control Over Algorithmic Feed

Bluesky, a decentralized social network, has updated its app to give users more control over their algorithmic feeds with "Show more like this" and "Show less like this" buttons. The update allows users to fine-tune their Discover feed according to their preferences.

Nitish Verma
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Bluesky Enhances User Control Over Algorithmic Feed

Bluesky Enhances User Control Over Algorithmic Feed

Bluesky, thedecentralized social network, has unveiled a significant update to its app, empowering users with greater control over their personalized algorithmic feeds. The latest version introduces "Show more like this" and "Show less like this" buttons, allowing individuals to fine-tune theirmain Discover feedaccording to their preferences.

Why this matters: This update marks a significant shift in the balance of power between social media platforms and their users, giving individuals more autonomy over their online experiences. As decentralized social networks continue to grow, this development could have far-reaching implications for the future of online content moderation and user engagement.

This feature enables users to provide direct feedback about the algorithmic feed, helping Bluesky better understand user behavior and tailor the feed to each person's unique interests. The functionality is reminiscent of X (formerly Twitter), which offers a "Not interested in this post" option within its For You feed.

Bluesky already provides a comprehensive set of controls for configuring user experiences. Users can create and subscribe to custom feeds, choose from multiple moderation services to decide which posts to see or hide, and even run their own independent moderation services using Bluesky's Ozone tool.

By placing control in the hands of users, Bluesky aims to foster a platform where policies and rules are determined by the community rather than a small group of executives. However, this approach has not been without challenges. In the past, Bluesky faced criticism for mishandling moderation issues, such as allowing usernames containing racial slurs to bypass its filters.

Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey, an early supporter of Bluesky, stepped down from the board due to concerns over the platform's moderation approach. "When Bluesky started kicking people off the service, I felt the company was repeating Twitter's mistakes. This is not a protocol that's truly decentralized. It's another app,"Dorsey stated.

Despite these challenges, Bluesky has continued to grow, amassing roughly 5.6 million users. The company has announced plans for future updates, including support for video, direct messaging, enhanced custom feeds, and anti-harassment features. Bluesky's decentralized AT Protocol is also being utilized by other projects, such as the blogging platform

The latest update to Bluesky's app marks a significant step in the platform's mission to give users more control over their social media experience. As the company continues to refine its features and address moderation challenges, it remains to be seen how Bluesky will balance user autonomy with the need for effective content moderation in the rapidly evolving landscape of decentralized social networking.