Cerabyte Partners with CERN OpenLab as IBM and GigaIO Unveil New AI and Data Solutions

Cerabyte partners with CERN OpenLab to address data migration challenges with its large tape library. Other AI and data developments include new products from Cloudera, revenue reports from FalconStor and N-able, and appointments at NetApp.

Nitish Verma
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Cerabyte Partners with CERN OpenLab as IBM and GigaIO Unveil New AI and Data Solutions

Cerabyte Partners with CERN OpenLab as IBM and GigaIO Unveil New AI and Data Solutions

Cerabyte, a ceramic storage developer, has become an official partner of CERN OpenLab, joining tech giants like Intel, Oracle, Siemens, Google, and IBM. The partnership aims to address CERN's data migration challenges with its large tape library. Cerabyte's expertise in AI and data storage will support CERN's research initiatives.

Why this matters: The collaboration between Cerabyte and CERN OpenLab highlights the growing importance of AI and data storage in driving scientific research and innovation. As organizations increasingly rely on AI-driven insights, effective data management andState, Quality, Results, Latest storage solutions will become crucial to unlocking their full potential.

In other AI and data developments, Cloudera announced three new products to simplify SQL queries, enhance BI capabilities, and accelerate ML app generation. FalconStor reported Q1 2024 revenue of $2.3 million, narrowing its loss to $100,000 from $400,000 a year ago. GigaIO and Valkyrie launched a joint AI readiness assessment service, providing end-to-end hardware, software, and services for companies entering the AI space. event, high, performance GigaIO's SuperNODE now ships with AMD Instinct MI300X accelerators for Generative AI and HPC workloads.

IBM's Sam Werner, VP of product management storage, discussed the potential of running Storage Scale and RedHat's Ceph on IBM's FlashSystem 5300, as well as adding Nvidia BlueField 3 DPU support. Meanwhile, Hitachi Vantara Federal and MeriTalk's Federal Data Maturity Report revealed lagging data management levels, with only 41% of respondents describing theirdata management as advanced.

N-able reported strong Q1 2024 results, with revenues growing 14% to $113.7 million and profits surging 63% to $7.5 million. NetApp appointed Dallas Olson as its new Chief Commercial Officer. Qdrant, a German supplier, emphasized the importance of vector database capability as a standalone product, citing its open-source vector database and search engine written in Rust, which delivers up to 40x faster retrieval and 4x higher RPS.

As the AI and data storage landscape continues to evolve, partnerships like Cerabyte and CERN OpenLab underscore the importance of collaboration in tackling complex challenges. "Our partners have expressed a pressing need from their customers, the desire to adopt AI within their enterprises, but they don't know where to start,"said Alan Benjamin, CEO of GigaIO. The Federal Data Maturity Report serves as a wake-up call for organizations to prioritize robust data management practices to unlock the full potential of AI and data-driven insights.