COMPUTEX 2024 Forum to Spotlight Generative AI with Global Experts

The COMPUTEX 2024 Forum, themed "Let's Talk Generative AI," will take place on June 5th in Taipei, featuring nine international AI experts discussing latest applications and innovations. The event aims to provide forward-looking perspectives for global industries, with speakers from NVIDIA, Google, and other tech leaders.

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COMPUTEX 2024 Forum to Spotlight Generative AI with Global Experts

COMPUTEX 2024 Forum to Spotlight Generative AI with Global Experts

The sets, stage, tech, gather, witness, next, ai, deve COMPUTEX 2024 Forum, themed "Let's Talk Generative AI," is set to take place on June 5th in Taipei, Taiwan, featuring nine international AI experts who will discuss the latest applications and innovations in generative AI. The event, held at the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, aims to provide forward-looking and diverse perspectives for global industries.

Why this matters: The development and application of generative AI have far-reaching implications for various sectors, including technology, healthcare, and finance, and can significantly impact the global economy. As AI technology continues to advance, it is crucial for industries and individuals to stay informed about the latest innovations and their potential consequences.

Among the notable speakers is Marc Hamilton, NVIDIA's Vice President of Solutions Architecture and Engineering, who will share NVIDIA's professional planning and design for building the world's most advanced AI infrastructure. "NVIDIA helps launch various scale Generative AI applications," Hamilton stated, emphasizing the company's commitment to enabling AI at any scale.

Google's ChromeOS Vice President, John Solomon, will introduce how Google's platform helps realize the vision of making AI accessible to everyone. Thomas Andersen, Synopsys' Vice President of AI and Machine Learning Research and Development, will explore the transformative impact of generative AI on semiconductor and chip design.

The forum will also feature insights from AWS Enterprise Strategist Xia Zhang on the applications of generative AI in digital innovation, and Micron's Vice President and General Manager of Compute and Networking Business Unit, Praveen Vaidyanathan, who will discuss "AI Unleashed: Powering the Future with Micron Memory and Storage."

Other prominent speakers include Eddie Ramirez, ARM's Vice President of Marketing, who will explain how to build sustainable and AI-capable cloud data centers with Arm Neoverse; Rosalina Hiu, Seagate's Vice President of Global Brand Strategy, introducing the Mozaic 3+ hard drive technology and future data trends; Jeff Wittich, Ampere's Chief Product Officer, focusing on maximizing AI workloads with cloud-native processors; and Pan Jiancheng, CEO of Phison, sharing the opportunities and challenges of generative AI applications.

The COMPUTEX 2024 exhibition, running from June 4th to 7th, will showcase 1,500 exhibitors across 4,500 booths, covering six major areas: AI computing, forward-looking communication, future mobility, immersive reality, green sustainability, and innovation. Registration for the COMPUTEX Forum on June 5th is now open, inviting attendees to experience firsthand the latest developments in generative AI from global events tech leaders.

As the world witnesses rapid advancements in AI technology, the COMPUTEX 2024 Forum serves as a platform for industry experts to share insights, innovations, and applications that will shape the future of generative AI. With a lineup of distinguished speakers from leading tech companies, the event is poised to provide valuable perspectives on the transformative potential of AI across various sectors.

Key Takeaways

  • COMPUTEX 2024 Forum: "Let's Talk Generative AI" on June 5th in Taipei, Taiwan.
  • 9 international AI experts to discuss latest applications and innovations.
  • Speakers from NVIDIA, Google, Synopsys, AWS, Micron, ARM, Seagate, Ampere, and Phison.
  • Forum to provide forward-looking perspectives on generative AI for global industries.
  • Registration for COMPUTEX Forum now open, featuring 1,500 exhibitors across 4,500 booths.