Colin Donnell Guest Stars in FBI:International, Episode's Copenhagen Murder Mystery

The Fly Team investigates a murder in Copenhagen that leads to a massive data leak, prompting the NSA to assist. The team must navigate inter-agency cooperation and cybersecurity complexities to solve the case.

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Colin Donnell Guest Stars in FBI:International, Episode's Copenhagen Murder Mystery

Colin Donnell Guest Stars in FBI:International, Episode's Copenhagen Murder Mystery

In the upcoming episode "Gift" of FBI: International, airing on May 14, 2024, the Fly Team investigates the murder of a prominent cyber security company owner in Copenhagen. The case takes a critical turn when the killing results in a massive data leak, prompting the National Security Agency (NSA) to seek assistance from the Bureau's liaison, played by guest star Colin Donnell.

The episode, which is part of the show's third season, will air on the CBS Television Network from 9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT. For those unable to catch the live broadcast, "Gift" will be available for streaming on Paramount+. Subscribers to Paramount+ with SHOWTIME can watch the episode live or on-demand, while Paramount+ Essential subscribers will have access to the episode on-demand the day after it airs.

FBI: International, aspin-offof the popular FBI franchise, follows the elite operatives of the Federal Bureau of Investigation's International Fly Team. Based in Budapest, this specialized unit is tasked with neutralizing threats against American interests wherever they may arise, navigating the complex landscape of international crime and diplomacy.

The show, which premiered on September 21, 2021, has garnered a dedicated following for its thrilling storylines, diverse international settings, and the chemistry among its ensemble cast. Led by Special Agent Scott Forrester, played by Luke Kleintank, the team includes Special Agent Jamie Kellett (Heida Reed), Special Agent Andre Raines (Carter Redwood), and Europol Agent Katrin Jaeger (Christiane Paul).

Colin Donnell, known for his roles in Chicago Med, Arrow, and Irreverent, joins the cast as a guest star in "Gift." Donnell's character, anNSA liaison, adds an intriguing layer to the investigation, as the team navigates the complexities of inter-agency cooperation and the high stakes of cybersecurity in the digital age.

As the Fly Team delves into the murder of the cyber security company owner in Copenhagen, they must race against time to unravel the mystery, apprehend the perpetrator, and mitigate the fallout from the data leak. With the expertise of the NSA liaison and their own investigative prowess, the team faces a challengingcasethat promises to keep viewers on the edge of their seats.