Port53 Unveils Groundbreaking Partner Program and mXDR Solution at RSA 2024

Port53 launches a new partner program at RSA 2024, offering two levels of partnership to help global technology partners access advanced cloud security and MDR solutions. The program provides tailored rewards, incentives, and resources to help partners establish a dominant presence in the security operations market.

Bijay Laxmi
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Port53 Unveils Groundbreaking Partner Program and mXDR Solution at RSA 2024

Port53 Unveils Groundbreaking Partner Program and mXDR Solution at RSA 2024

Port53, a New York-based leader in Managed Security Operations, hasintroduces, partner, programthe launch of its innovative partner program at the RSA 2024 event. The program aims to revolutionize the accessibility of advanced cloud security and Managed Detection and Response (MDR) solutions for global technology partners.

Why this matters: The increasing threat of cyberattacks and data breaches makes it essential for businesses to have robust security measures in place, and Port53'snew, partner, program, enhanced, cybersecurity solution can help bridge the gap in cybersecurity resources. By making advanced cloud-focused protections more accessible, Port53's initiative can have a significant impact on the overall security posture of organizations worldwide.

The partner program offers two levels of partnership: Pro Partners and Premium Partners. This tiered structure provides a clear path for partners of different sizes to expand their strategic collaboration with Port53. The program includes tailored rewards, incentives, and resources designed to help partners establish a dominant presence in the security operations market.

Pro Partners gain access to fundamental benefits, including sales executive and engineer training, co-sell support, competitive discounts, incentives, and co-branded marketing materials. Premium Partners unlock additional advantages, such as participation in the Port53 Pipeline Impact Program and access to NFR licenses.

Central to Port53's offering is its unique managed XDR (mXDR) security solution. By leveraging AI and automation at the control level, Port53's mXDR dramatically accelerates time to detection through time to remediation. This novel approach brings analytics directly to the data, reducing costs and democratizing access to cutting-edge mXDR solutions.

Omar Zarabi, Founder and CEO at Port53, emphasized the program's benefits for partners and clients: "Partners can immediately start generating revenue by unlocking new high-margin opportunities without investing in hardware, training, or specialized security resources. Our solution requires no upfront investment and removes the added pressure of partners needing to hire skilled security professionals or fully building out their own Security Operations Centers." introduces, partner, program

The partner program enables partners to offer comprehensive SOC-as-a-service cybersecurity solutions based on Cisco XDR. These solutions protect data, business assets, and client information across various locations, devices, and clouds. By alleviating the burden on businesses to develop extensive in-house resources, Port53 empowers partners to deliver robust security measures to their clients.

Port53 focuses on enabling organizations to safely and securely thrive in the digital world by delivering enterprise-grade solutions that are easy to deploy, simple to manage, and extremely effective. The company works closely with Cisco's leading security offerings to plug the knowledge gaps that stand as obstacles to effective threat postures in SMEs.

The launch of Port53's partner program at RSA 2024 marks a significant milestone in the company's mission to make advanced cloud-focused protections accessible to organizations of all sizes through trusted partners. By simplifying security management and providing partners with the tools and resources to succeed, Port53 is driving mutually beneficial outcomes for businesses and their clients in the rapidly evolving cybersecurity landscape.