Fake Samsung 1080 Pro SSDs with Impossible Specs Discovered on AliExpress

Counterfeit Samsung 1080 Pro SSDs with unrealistic specs and low prices found on AliExpress, performing far below advertised capabilities, posing risks to unsuspecting consumers.

Dil Bar Irshad
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Fake Samsung 1080 Pro SSDs with Impossible Specs Discovered on AliExpress

Fake Samsung 1080 Pro SSDs with Impossible Specs Discovered on AliExpress

Counterfeit Samsung 1080 Pro SSDs boasting unrealistic specifications and low prices have been found for sale on the online marketplace AliExpress. The fraudulent drives, which claim to offer sequential read and write speeds of up to 15,800 MB/s and 14,500 MB/s respectively, were tested by tech review site Quasar Zone and found to perform far below the advertised capabilities.

The fake SSDs, designed to emulate Samsung's popular 980 Pro series, are being marketed as high-performance PCIe Gen 4 drives with capacities up to 4TB. However, upon closer inspection, the drives were revealed to contain a single 96-layer NAND chip, a Realtek controller, and support for only PCIe Gen 3. These components are incapable of delivering the claimed performance and storage capacity.

Quasar Zone's benchmarks showed that the counterfeit 1080 Pro SSD's read and write speeds were a mere fraction of those achieved by a genuine Samsung 980 Pro. A 100GB file transfer took over 30 minutes on the fake drive, compared to just 33 seconds on the real Samsung SSD. The fake drive's performance also drastically slowed down once it reached 3% of its advertised capacity, dropping to a paltry 2MB/s.

The extremely low prices of these fake SSDs, such as $28.25 for a purported 4TB model, are a clear red flag indicating that they are not genuine Samsung products. Legitimate PCIe Gen 4 NVMe SSDs with such capacities typically cost several hundred dollars from reputable manufacturers.

Why this matters: The proliferation of counterfeit computer components on online marketplaces poses significant risks to consumers, who may unwittingly purchase subpar or non-functional products. These fake SSDs not only fail to deliver the promised performance but also mislead buyers about their true storage capacity, potentially leading to data loss and compatibility issues.

Consumers are strongly advised to exercise caution when purchasing SSDs and other computer components from online marketplaces, particularly those offering deals that seem too good to be true. To ensure the authenticity and reliability of their purchases, buyers should stick to trusted retailers and verify product specifications through official manufacturer channels. While Samsung has not officially announced a 1080 Pro SSD, any future release under this name is expected to offer significantly better performance than these deceptive counterfeits.

Key Takeaways

  • Counterfeit Samsung 1080 Pro SSDs with unrealistic specs found on AliExpress.
  • Fake drives perform far below advertised capabilities, with slower speeds and lower capacity.
  • Extremely low prices are a red flag for non-genuine Samsung products.
  • Counterfeit components pose risks of data loss and compatibility issues for consumers.
  • Buyers should exercise caution and purchase from trusted retailers to ensure authenticity.