Google Tests Android 15 with Storage Health Feature and App Quarantine Option

Google testing Android 15 with new storage health and app quarantine features, aiming to enhance device longevity and security for users.

Salman Khan
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Google Tests Android 15 with Storage Health Feature and App Quarantine Option

Google Tests Android 15 with Storage Health Feature and App Quarantine Option

Google is currently testing the upcoming Android 15 operating system with a new storage health feature that will display the remaining lifetime of a device's storage chip, according to Android expert Mishaal Rahman. This feature, surfaced through a new 'Device Diagnostics' app, will use a storage lifetime API to show users the percentage of life left in their device's internal storage.

In addition to the storage health feature, Android 15 may also introduce an option to 'quarantine' potentially harmful and misbehaving apps. This would restrict the functionality of these apps, such as hiding their notifications and preventing them from ringing the phone or interacting with other apps. The quarantine feature aims to provide an additional layer of security beyond Google Play Protect's real-time malware scanning, addressing cases where dangerous apps slip through and make it onto the Google Play Store.

The Android 15 beta is currently in the public testing phase on Pixel devices, with Samsung also set to adopt the new operating system for its Galaxy devices later this year with One UI 7. Google's roadmap for Android 15 includes the release of Beta 2 in May, Beta 3 with Platform Stability in June, and Beta 4 in July. The stable version is expected to be released for Pixel phones in late October.

Samsung's One UI 7, based on Android 15, will have a beta program, with flagship devices like the Galaxy S24 series and upcoming foldable phones getting early access in the first phase. The beta program is expected to be available in only 7 countries, including the US, while mid-range and budget phones will start receiving the major update around November.

Why this matters: The introduction of the storage health feature and app quarantine option in Android 15 demonstrates Google's commitment to enhancing user control over device longevity and security. These features provide users with valuable insights into their device's storage lifespan and offer an additional safeguard against malicious apps, ultimately improving the overall Android user experience.

While these new features are still in the testing phase, and Google may choose to scrap them before the final release of Android 15, they represent significant steps towards empowering users with more information and control over their Android devices. As Rahman notes, the storage health feature and app quarantine option aim to address important aspects of device health and security, giving users the tools to make informed decisions about their devices and the apps they install.

Key Takeaways

  • Android 15 to feature 'storage health' displaying device storage lifetime
  • Android 15 may introduce 'quarantine' option to restrict harmful apps
  • Android 15 beta testing underway, stable release expected in late October
  • Samsung's One UI 7 based on Android 15 to have beta program
  • New features aim to enhance user control over device longevity and security