Maguire Products UnveilsTrackerfor Real-Time Equipment Monitoring

Maguire Products launches Tracker, a web-based solution to monitor and control auxiliary products in real-time. Tracker provides secure data transmission, real-time insights, and efficient operations for industries relying on efficient production processes.

Bijay Laxmi
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Maguire Products UnveilsTrackerfor Real-Time Equipment Monitoring

Maguire Products UnveilsTrackerfor Real-Time Equipment Monitoring

Maguire Products has launched Tracker, an innovative web-based equipment and software solution designed to monitor and control various Maguire auxiliary products in real-time. The system, introduced on May 10, 2024, supports WSB blenders, MGF feeders, Ultra dryers, and FlexBus conveying systems, providing users with secure data transmission and valuable insights to optimize their operations.

Why this matters: The ability to monitor and control equipment in real-time has significant implications for industries that rely on efficient production processes, as it can lead to increased productivity and reduced costs. As manufacturers increasingly rely on data-driven decision-making, solutions like Tracker can play a critical role in driving business growth and competitiveness.

One of Tracker's key features is its ability to provide real-time insights and secure data transmission, enabling users to download data to a third-party database for reporting and analytics. The system includes a Maguire MT Hub, which can connect an unlimited number of Maguire units using regional hubs, if necessary, over a customer's existing network.

Tracker enables seamless integration with ERP or other software systems, offering users support for reporting, material validation (including post-consumer recycled usage), and equipment status monitoring. Operators can send recipes, review system setup, and address alarms via a single web-based platform, accessible from any device.

The dashboard interface provides two access levels — operator perspective and production view — allowing users to configure their Maguire auxiliaries based on their specific operational needs. Subscribers receive secure encrypted cloud-based data storage, software updates, and 90 days of remote technical support.

Tracker offers accessibility via any internet browser, enabling users to monitor and control their Maguire auxiliary products from anywhere. By streamlining operations, reducing downtime, and improving overall efficiency, the system empowers operators to optimize their production processes.

Maguire Products' Tracker solution provides a comprehensive and secure way to monitor and control Maguire auxiliary products, delivering real-time insights, secure data transmission, and efficient operations. As manufacturers increasingly rely on data-driven decision-making, Tracker positions itself as a valuable tool for optimizing production processes and enhancing overall equipment effectiveness.