Samsung Reveals Device Care App Tips to Boost Galaxy Phone Performance

Samsung shares tips on improving Galaxy phone performance using its built-in Device Care app, which automates actions, cleans RAM memory, and optimizes settings. The app helps users free up memory, close background apps, and adjust settings to enhance device speed and efficiency.

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Samsung Reveals Device Care App Tips to Boost Galaxy Phone Performance

Samsung Reveals Device Care App Tips to Boost Galaxy Phone Performance

Samsung has shared valuable tips on how to improve the performance of Galaxy phones using its built-in Device Care app. The app enables users to automate actions, clean RAM memory, and optimize settings to enhance their device's speed and efficiency.

The Device Care app offers several key features to boost phone performance. Users can automate various actions, such as cleaning up unnecessary files, closing unused apps, and adjusting settings. The app also allows for cleaning RAM memory to free up space. Additionally, device settings can be optimized to improve performance, including adjusting battery life and storage.

Samsung explains that users can "free up memory by closing background apps to improve performance" in the Device Care settings. The Memory section lets users exclude specific apps from the cleaning cycle. Tapping Clean Now will clear out memory and show how much will be freed up.

Recent Samsung phones also feature an optimization setting that identifies apps using excessive battery, clears redundant memory items, deletes unnecessary files, and closes background apps. This can be run manually or set to automatically optimize daily. The higher the optimization score out of 100, the better the phone's performance.

The Device Care app performance tips come as Samsung continues rolling out its One UI 6.1 update to more Galaxy devices. The update brings new features like Circle to Search, Battery Protection, and Galaxy AI capabilities to select phones including the S22 series, Z Fold 4, and Z Flip 4. Nine additional Galaxy models in Canada are scheduled to receive One UI 6.1 starting May 14.

By following Samsung's Device Care app tips to automate actions, clean memory, and optimize settings, Galaxy phone users can easily improve their device's speed and performance. The app provides a simple way to keep phones running smoothly and efficiently over time.