Invisibility Shield Co. Unveils Revolutionary 6-Foot Optical Invisibility Shield for Camouflage Across Environments

The UK's Invisibility Shield Co. has developed a 6-foot optical shield that can make users virtually disappear against various backdrops, with potential applications in military, wildlife, and entertainment. This innovative optical engineering feat has exceeded its Kickstarter goal by nearly 10 times.

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U.K. Company Unveils 6-Foot Optical Invisibility Shield for Pre-Order

U.K. Company Unveils 6-Foot Optical Invisibility Shield for Pre-Order

The U.K.'s Invisibility Shield Co. has introduced a pioneering 6-foot optical invisibility shield that can make the user virtually disappear against various backdrops. The shield employs a precision-engineered lens array that redirects light horizontally, causing the user's image to dissolve into the background.

According to the company, the shields function effectively against a variety of backdrops, including foliage, sand, and the sky. They are durable and can withstand the elements, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

The Invisibility Shield Co. is offering the shields for pre-order through a Kickstarter campaign that has raised nearly $125,000, exceeding the initial goal of around $12,600 by almost 10 times. The shields are available in two sizes: a larger 6-foot version priced at $870 and a smaller 7.9-inch version for $67.

Why this matters: The creation of these invisibility shields brings us closer to the domain of science fiction, allowing people to vanish on a whim. This technology has potential applications in various fields, such as military operations, wildlife observation, and entertainment.

The Invisibility Shield 2.0 uses lenticular lensing technology to bend light from the background, masking objects behind it and creating the appearance of transparency. The invisibility effect works both ways, meaning the user can see through the shield but may be visible to others. The shields are made of high-grade polycarbonate, are waterproof and recyclable, and require no power source.

Invisibility Shield 2.0 Applications: The company states that the shields have been used for various purposes, including paintball, wildlife stalking, pranks, and stage magic. "The Invisibility Shield 2.0 is an ingenious optical engineering feat and has been used for magic tricks, paintball, and wildlife observation," a spokesperson for the company said. While not offering true invisibility, the shields represent a notable advancement in optical camouflage technology and have garnered significant interest from the public.

Key Takeaways

  • UK company introduces 6-ft optical invisibility shield to make users disappear
  • Shields work against various backdrops, are durable and suitable for indoor/outdoor use
  • Kickstarter campaign raised $125K, offering 6-ft shield for $870 and 7.9-inch for $67
  • Shields use lenticular lensing to bend light, masking objects behind and creating transparency
  • Shields have been used for paintball, wildlife stalking, pranks, and stage magic