19-Year-Old Bermudian Entrepreneur Finds Success with Animation Business

Zen Marley Mello, a 19-year-old Bermudian, turned his passion for animation into a thriving business, Zenimations, inspiring young entrepreneurs with his entrepreneurial journey and global success.

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19-Year-Old Bermudian Entrepreneur Finds Success with Animation Business

19-Year-Old Bermudian Entrepreneur Finds Success with Animation Business

Zen Marley Mello, a 19-year-old from Bermuda, has turned his passion for creative video animations into a thriving business called Zenimations. Mello's entrepreneurial path began in 2020 when he participated in the Youth Entrepreneurship Initiative's BizCamp as a student, where he discovered his talent for creating engaging animated videos.

Since then, Mello has been actively involved in various entrepreneurship programs, including the Bermuda Economic Development Corporation summer student internship and the Ignite Young Adult Entrepreneurial Internship Programme. These experiences have helped him refine his skills and develop his business acumen, setting the stage for Zenimations' success.

In 2022, Mello showcased his talents by creating animations for the Mirrors PeerForward college and career readiness program and the CedarBridge Signature School Orientation Programme. These projects not only demonstrated his artistic abilities but also highlighted the potential of his animation business to serve diverse clients and purposes.

Why this matters: Mello's story serves as an inspiration for young entrepreneurs, showing that with passion, dedication, and the right support, it is possible to turn creative talents into a successful business venture. His path also highlights the importance of entrepreneurship programs in nurturing and empowering young minds to pursue their dreams.

A significant milestone in Mello's entrepreneurial path came in November 2023 when he participated in the World Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge in New York City. This experience provided him with the opportunity to connect with like-minded peers from around the world and gain a deeper understanding of the global entrepreneurship landscape. "The experience opened his eyes to the possibilities of entrepreneurship and inspired him to explore ways to help the world through his business," according to the summaries.

As Zenimations continues to grow and attract global attention, Mello remains committed to using his talents and business to make a positive impact. With his creativity, entrepreneurial spirit, and the support of his community, there is no doubt that Zen Marley Mello and Zenimations have a bright future ahead.

Key Takeaways

  • Zen Marley Mello, 19, turned passion for animation into thriving business Zenimations.
  • Participated in entrepreneurship programs, showcased talents creating animations for various clients.
  • Mello's story inspires young entrepreneurs, highlights importance of entrepreneurship programs.
  • Participated in World Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge, gained global entrepreneurship insights.
  • Committed to using talents and business to make positive impact, bright future ahead.