Twitch Launches TikTok-Style Feed for Live Streams and Clips

Twitch launches TikTok-style feed to help small streamers reach wider audiences and boost discoverability on the platform.

Waqas Arain
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Twitch Launches TikTok-Style Feed for Live Streams and Clips

Twitch Launches TikTok-Style Feed for Live Streams and Clips

Twitch, the popular livestreaming platform, has officially launched a new feed feature for all iOS and Android app users. The feed, which is accessible as a tab within the Twitch mobile apps, allows viewers to scroll through bite-sized content to find new streamers and content.

The feed includes two main sections: a live feed and a clips feed. The live feed displays livestreams from both followed and recommended streamers, while the clips feed showcases top moments from streamers across Twitch. All livestreams and clips that meet Twitch's content guidelines are automatically eligible to appear in the feed.

Twitch streamers have long called for features to help them attract new viewers and reach wider audiences. The new feed aims to address this by helping small and medium streamers increase exposure to potential new fans. Twitch encourages streamers to create and feature clips of their content to increase their chances of being included in the feed.

Why this matters: The launch of Twitch's TikTok-style feed marks a significant shift in how users find and engage with content on the platform. This new feature has the potential to level the playing field for smaller creators and introduce viewers to a wider variety of streamers and communities.

The feed was previously tested starting in August 2023 before being rolled out to all users. It is designed to provide users with a way to find new content even when they only have a few minutes to spare, rather than committing to longer livestreams. Users can personalize their feed by using thumbs-up and thumbs-down buttons to signal the type of content they want to see more or less of.

Ads will be included in the feed between posts, but streamers will not receive a portion of the ad revenue as the ads are not shown directly within the clips themselves. Twitch plans to continue experimenting with the feed and ad placement over time to optimize the user experience.

The launch of the feed is part of Twitch's ongoing efforts to improve discoverability on the platform and help users find new content and communities that align with their interests. While Twitch has maintained its dominance in the livestreaming space, the company has recognized the need to adapt and introduce features that cater to the evolving preferences of its user base, particularly in light of the explosive growth of short-form video content on platforms like TikTok.

Key Takeaways

  • Twitch launched a new feed feature for iOS and Android apps to help users discover new streamers.
  • The feed includes live streams and top clips, aiming to increase exposure for smaller streamers.
  • Users can personalize the feed by liking or disliking content, but streamers won't get ad revenue.
  • The feed is Twitch's effort to adapt to evolving user preferences, like the growth of short-form video.
  • The new feature marks a shift in how users find and engage with content on the platform.