Xiao-I Unveils TOTD: AI-Powered Outfit-Changing Software in Beta

Xiao-I Corporation launches TOTD, an AI-powered outfit-changing software in beta version, offering realistic fashion experiences with instant generation capabilities. The platform targets various users, including online shoppers, designers, and live streamers, and is available for testing.

Nitish Verma
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Xiao-I Unveils TOTD: AI-Powered Outfit-Changing Software in Beta

Xiao-I Unveils TOTD: AI-Powered Outfit-Changing Software in Beta

Xiao-I Corporation (NASDAQ: AIXI),a leading artificial intelligence company, has announced the launch of its latest innovation, TOTD (Try On The Digital), an AI-powered outfit-changing software currently in beta version. This cutting-edge platform offers a realistic fashion experience with instant generation capabilities and zero need for manual post-editing.

Why this matters: The launch of TOTD has significant implications for the fashion industry, potentially disrupting traditional business models and changing the way consumers interact with fashion brands. As AI technology continues to advance, innovations like TOTD could have far-reaching consequences for industries beyond fashion, including retail, marketing, and entertainment.

TOTD targets a wide range of users, including online fashion shoppers, budding fashion designers, creative artists, live streamers, and designer brands. The software boasts higher algorithmic performance compared to competitors in the market, ensuring a superior AI-aided fashion experience. With its high-fidelity try-on capabilities, TOTD delivers the most realistic dressing experience, allowing users to "shine out" in their digital appearances.

The platform is designed to be fashion-forward, empowering users to lead trends and elevate their image with just a click. TOTD is now available for testing, inviting everyone to experience fashion in a revolutionary way. Its ability to simulate various outfits with precision and flair addresses the dynamic needs of its target demographic, enabling creativity, enhancing personal style, and providing practical solutions for industry professionals.

Xiao-I Corporation, the company behind TOTD, is a leading cognitive intelligence company that offers a diverse range of business solutions and services in artificial intelligence. The company has developed an extensive portfolio of cognitive intelligence technologies that are highly suitable and have been applied to a wide variety of business cases.

The launch of TOTD marks a significant milestone for Xiao-I Corporation in the fashion technology space. As the software continues to evolve through its beta testing phase, it holds the potential to revolutionize the way individuals and businesses interact with fashion digitally. With its instant generation capabilities and realistic try-on experiences, TOTD is poised to become a game-changer in the industry.