UNRA Investigates Collapsed Section of Masaka Road Following Heavy Rains

Kampala-Masaka road collapses again due to drainage issues, raising concerns about infrastructure and disrupting traffic. UNRA investigating and working to restore the vital transportation artery.

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UNRA Investigates Collapsed Section of Masaka Road Following Heavy Rains

UNRA Investigates Collapsed Section of Masaka Road Following Heavy Rains

Engineers from the Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA) are currently investigating a section of the Masaka road between Kyengera and Buddo that collapsed following heavy rains in April 2024. The drainage systems in the affected area have failed, causing a significant traffic jam as UNRA works to assess the damage and take necessary safety measures.

This marks the second time in just four months that this particular section of the Kampala-Masaka Highway has collapsed. The previous incident occurred in December 2023, which UNRA attributed to erosion caused by rising water levels in the nearby Lubigi swamp area.

To allow for restoration work, UNRA has cordoned off the collapsed section and diverted traffic to alternative routes. Motorists are advised to use the Nakawuka-Budo junction road or the Kitemu and Mityana-Buloba-Nsangi road to access the Kampala-Masaka highway. UNRA expects to complete the repairs within a week.

Why this matters: The repeated collapse of this major highway section in such a short timeframe raises concerns about the road's structural integrity and the effectiveness of drainage systems in the area. The disruptions to traffic and commerce along this vital transportation artery highlight the need for a thorough investigation and potential infrastructure improvements to prevent future incidents.

UNRA teams, along with traffic police, are currently on-site assessing the extent of the damage. "We urge the public to exercise caution and patience while we take the necessary safety measures and work to restore normal traffic flow," said a UNRA spokesperson. The authority is closely monitoring the situation and will provide updates as the investigation and repair work progress.

Key Takeaways

  • Kampala-Masaka road section collapsed due to heavy rains, drainage failure.
  • This is the second collapse in 4 months, previous incident attributed to erosion.
  • UNRA has cordoned off the area and diverted traffic to alternative routes.
  • Repeated collapse raises concerns about road's structural integrity and drainage.
  • UNRA teams on-site assessing damage, expect to complete repairs within a week.