TrimFeed Editorial Guidelines

At TrimFeed, our commitment is to provide honest, fact-based, and unbiased international reporting that earns your trust. As pioneers, protectors, and seekers of truth, our guidelines guarantee that our team embodies the highest standards of journalism, preserving our stature as a reliable news source.

  1. Purpose

    Our guidelines act as a foundation, ensuring content is consistent, thoroughly researched, and upholds our principles of journalistic integrity.
  2. Scope

    These guidelines apply to everyone involved in content creation at TrimFeed: writers, editors, fact-checkers, contributors, and our worldwide network of correspondents.

  3. Accuracy and Fairness

    3.1 Verify all claims with sources from reputable organizations.

    3.2 Present stories impartially, giving a fair representation to all viewpoints.

    3.3 Update stories promptly as new information becomes available.

  4. Original Content

    4.1 Focus on producing original content and provide proper attribution when referencing.

    4.2 Plagiarism is strictly prohibited.

  5. Language and Tone

    5.1 Maintain a neutral and respectful tone in all communication.

    5.2 Ensure clarity of original content in auto-translations.

    5.3 Avoid jargon, aiming for clear and straightforward language.

  6. Transparency

    6.1 Transparently disclose any conflicts of interest.

    6.2 Correct errors promptly, with visible corrections.

  7. Imagery and Multimedia

    7.1 Use accurate and representative multimedia elements.

    7.2 Always credit and obtain permissions for multimedia use.

    7.3 Avoid media that could be offensive or misleading.

  8. Comments and Feedback

    8.1 Welcome and encourage audience feedback and reporting of errors.

    8.2 Moderation of comments is essential to maintain a respectful discourse.

  9. Review Process

    9.1 Content undergoes a stringent review process before publication.

    9.2 Content not meeting standards will receive constructive feedback for improvement.

  10. Training and Updates

    10.1 Regular training ensures all team members are familiar with these guidelines.

    10.2 These guidelines will be updated to reflect evolving journalistic standards.

  11. Citizen Engagement and Reporting

    11.1 Promote citizen journalism, allowing individuals to share their stories.

    11.2 Emphasize immersive, on-the-ground reporting for unfiltered, factual storytelling.

    11.3 Our global correspondents strive for quick and accurate reporting.

  12. Ethical Considerations

    12.1 Steer clear of any conflicts of interest.

    12.2 Adhere to stringent news gathering standards.

    12.3 Focus on addressing societal issues and fostering positive change through our reporting.

  13. Adherence to Founding Principles

    13.1 Remain dedicated to our founder's mission of advancing progress with integrity-rich reporting.

    13.2 Keep a sharp focus on empowering people with accurate news, helping them make informed decisions.

  14. Expanding Reach and Community

    14.1 Encourage community contributions, fostering a diverse and inclusive information spectrum.

    14.2 Reward credible content creators with a focus on transparency.

    14.3 Build a crowdsourced, democratic information ecosystem.

Thank you for adhering to TrimFeed's Editorial Guidelines. By maintaining these standards, we ensure our audience stays informed, empowered, and connected to the worldwide community.