Mild Spring Expected for Southern Wisconsin in 2024

Southern Wisconsin residents can look forward to a mild spring in 2024, with near-average temperatures and precipitation, according to the National Weather Service. Farmers and residents can expect a pleasant season, though weather can still change quickly.

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Mild Spring Expected for Southern Wisconsin in 2024

Mild Spring Expected for Southern Wisconsin in 2024

Residents of southern Wisconsin can look forward to a relatively mild spring season this year, according to the latest forecast from the National Weather Service. Meteorologists predict temperatures will be near or slightly above average from April through June across the region.

"We expect a pretty typical spring for southern Wisconsin in 2024," said NWS meteorologist Sarah Marquardt. "Temperatures should be in the normal range most days, with occasional warm spells. Precipitation amounts are also forecast to be near average."

The outlook calls for high temperatures to generally be in the 50s and 60s Fahrenheit in April, warming into the 70s by late May and early June. Overnight lows will rise from the 30s in early spring to the 50s by June. A few cold snaps with frost are still possible in April.

"Spring can bring variable weather to Wisconsin, but we don't foresee any prolonged cold stretches this year," Marquardt noted. Periodic showers and thunderstorms are likely, especially in May and June, but no major flooding is anticipated at this time.

The mild spring forecast is welcome news for Wisconsin farmers, who are eager to start fieldwork and planting after a cold, snowy winter. It should also allow for an on-time start to the growing season for crops.

However, Marquardt cautioned that spring weather can change quickly. "As always, stay tuned to the latest forecasts in case adjustments are needed. But overall, it looks like a pleasant spring is in store for southern Wisconsin this year."

The National Weather Service will continue to monitor conditions and will issue updated outlooks as the spring season progresses in the Badger State. Residents are encouraged to stay informed on any changing weather by following the NWS forecasts.

Key Takeaways

  • Southern Wisconsin to have a mild spring in 2024 with near-average temperatures.
  • Temperatures expected to range from 50s-60s in April to 70s by late May/early June.
  • Periodic showers and thunderstorms likely, but no major flooding anticipated.
  • Mild spring forecast is welcome news for Wisconsin farmers and crop growth.
  • NWS will continue to monitor and update forecasts as spring season progresses.