Widespread Light Rainfall Brings Relief to Pune After Hot and Humid Day

Pune, India experienced widespread light rainfall on May 13, 2024, bringing relief from a hot and humid day. The India Meteorological Department forecasts continued light to moderate rain and thunder activity in the region until May 15.

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Widespread Light Rainfall Brings Relief to Pune After Hot and Humid Day

Widespread Light Rainfall Brings Relief to Pune After Hot and Humid Day

Pune, a bustling city in Maharashtra, India, experienced widespread light rainfall on the evening of May 13, 2024, following a hot and humid day. The rainfall brought much-needed relief to the city's residents, who had been grappling with soaring temperatures and discomfort while casting their votes earlier in the day.

According to the India Meteorological Department (IMD), Shivajinagar, a key area in Pune, recorded 2.9 mm of rainfall by 8:30 pm. The city had a cool start to the day, but temperatures rose to 36.3 degrees Celsius by late afternoon, causing discomfort for voters. However, the atmosphere changed around 5:30 pm with the formation of clouds, leading to light rainfall and thunder activity.

Why this matters: The relief from the heatwave is crucial for the well-being of Pune's residents, especially during the voting process, which is a critical aspect of democratic participation. This weather pattern also highlights the importance of accurate weather forecasting and preparedness for extreme weather events, which can have significant impacts on daily life and the economy.

Vaishali Khobragade, senior meteorologist at IMD Pune, stated, "The moisture is coming to the state, resulting in more rainfall. In Pune, rainfall along with thunder activity is likely till May 15." The IMD has forecasted light to moderate rain, along with thunder and lightning activities, to continue until May 15.

This rainfall is part of a larger weather pattern affecting Central India. Light to moderate rainfall is expected over Vidarbha, Madhya Maharashtra, and Marathwada on Monday and over Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh till Friday. Heavy showers (64.5 mm - 115.5 mm) could lash Konkan and Madhya Maharashtra on Monday and Tuesday. Thunderstorms accompanied by lightning and strong winds are expected in some areas during this time, with the possibility of hailstorms over parts of Vidarbha, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Maharashtra, Marathwada, and Madhya Pradesh.

Prior to the rainfall, Pune had been experiencing extremely high temperatures, with the maximum temperature of the season reaching an all-time high of 43°C in Hadapsar. Other areas, such as Koregaon Park and Wadgaonsheri, also sizzled with temperatures reaching 43.3°C and 43°C, respectively. The IMD reported Monday as the hottest day of summer in Pune, with temperatures soaring to 40.7°C.

The light rainfall in Pune brings relief to the city after a prolonged period of hot and humid weather. Several parts of Pune experienced rainfall on May 12, with Magarpatta recording 5.5 mm, Wadgaonsheri and Koregaon Park receiving 3 mm each, and Lohegaon seeing 2 mm. The maximum temperature in Shivajinagar reached 31.4°C, marking the second-lowest May temperature since 2013 and representing a 5.8°C decrease below normal levels.

Meteorologists attribute the favorable conditions for cloud formation over central Maharashtra to wind discontinuity and a wind trough over the Marathwada and Vidarbha regions, coupled with moisture incursion. The forecast indicates continued cloudy skies, light rainfall, and thunder activity in Pune until May 15, providing further respite from the heatwave that had gripped the city in recent weeks.

Key Takeaways

  • Pune experiences light rainfall on May 13, bringing relief from heatwave.
  • Shivajinagar records 2.9 mm rainfall, with temperatures dropping to 31.4°C.
  • IMD forecasts light to moderate rain, thunder, and lightning till May 15.
  • Central India to receive light to moderate rainfall, with heavy showers in some areas.
  • Relief from heatwave crucial for residents, especially during voting process.