Anonymous Letters Warn Father of Missing Albanian Boy About Bank Withdrawal and Assassination Attempt

The disappearance of 10-year-old Julian Çela in 2012 and the murder of SHISH officer Isa Çopa are linked, according to anonymous letters warning of a suspicious bank withdrawal and a possible mafia connection. The family seeks justice and the reopening of the investigations.

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Anonymous Letters Warn Father of Missing Albanian Boy About Bank Withdrawal and Assassination Attempt

Anonymous Letters Warn Father of Missing Albanian Boy About Bank Withdrawal and Assassination Attempt

Anonymous letters sent to the Albanian State Intelligence Service (SHISH) have shed new light on the disappearance of 10-year-old Julian Çela, who went missing in 2012. The letters, addressed to Julian's father, Skënder Çela, warned him about a suspicious 96,000 euro bank account withdrawal and a possible connection to the assassination attempt on SHISH officer Skerdilajd Konomi.

The letters suggested that evidence related to Julian's disappearance could be found in the house of an individual referred to as 'Lleshi'. They also mentioned the murder of another SHISH officer, Isa Çopa, in Durrës in October 2011, which occurred between the murder of judge Skerdilajd Konomi and Julian's kidnapping a year later. While Isa Çopa's death was initially reported as a suicide, the prosecution now believes it was a mafia-style murder.

According to the anonymous letters, Isa Çopa was collecting evidence against the perpetrators, who then allegedly kidnapped Julian Çela to disorient the investigation. The letters warned Skënder Çela, who was investigating Isa Çopa's murder, that he was also a target and that the same individuals behind Isa Çopa's murder may have been responsible for Julian's kidnapping.

Why this matters: The disappearance of Julian Çela and the murder of Isa Çopa have remained unsolved for over a decade, leaving the family and the public seeking answers. The anonymous letters provide new leads and suggest a possible connection between these two cases, highlighting the need for a thorough investigation and the pursuit of justice.

Julian Çela disappeared without a trace from an internet center in Tirana, Albania, in 2012. The prosecutor's office opened a criminal investigation, suspecting that Çela had been illegally deprived of his freedom by unknown individuals. Despite intercepting phone numbers and conducting surveillance, authorities were unable to find Çela or identify the perpetrators.

The investigation revealed several suspicious circumstances, including Çela's cousin traveling to Switzerland on the day of his disappearance, with a stop in Fushë Kruja where another suspect, Selim B., had mentioned the family should look for Çela. Authorities also investigated a possible human trafficking connection, as Selim B. was overheard discussing clandestine transport from Albania to the UK.

The case of Julian Çela's disappearance has been passed to the Prosecution of Serious Crimes, but progress has been slow. Skënder Çela, a senior official in the Albanian Intelligence Service and Julian's father, refuses to give up hope and has not deregistered his son from civil status records. The family continues to wait for justice and the reopening of the investigation into both Isa Çopa's murder and Julian's disappearance. As one anonymous letter stated, "The key to the truth lies in the house of 'Lleshi'. There you will find all the evidence you need."

Key Takeaways

  • Anonymous letters link 10-year-old Julian Çela's disappearance to SHISH officer murders.
  • Letters warn Julian's father about suspicious 96,000 euro bank withdrawal and assassination attempt.
  • Isa Çopa's murder, initially reported as a suicide, is now believed to be a mafia-style killing.
  • Letters suggest Julian's kidnapping aimed to disorient the investigation into Isa Çopa's murder.
  • Family continues to seek justice and reopening of investigations into both cases.