Algerian Army Chief Oversees Live-Fire Exercise as Part of Combat Readiness Program

Algerian Army Chief inspects live-fire exercise, emphasizes combat readiness and vigilance against regional threats, underscoring Algeria's commitment to national security.

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Algerian Army Chief Oversees Live-Fire Exercise as Part of Combat Readiness Program

Algerian Army Chief Oversees Live-Fire Exercise as Part of Combat Readiness Program

Algerian Army Chief of Staff Saïd Chanegriha conducted a working and inspection visit to the 3rd Military Region as part of the 2023/2024 combat readiness program. During his visit, Chanegriha oversaw a live-fire tactical exercise in the "Colonel Lotfi" operational sector.

The exercise aimed to evaluate the operational readiness and combat capabilities of the participating units. Chanegriha closely monitored the maneuvers and provided instructions to the commanders to ensure effective execution.

Various military assets were deployed, including armored vehicles, artillery, and air support, to test the coordination and responsiveness of the troops in a simulated combat scenario.

Addressing the cadres and personnel of the region, Chanegriha emphasized the importance of combat readiness, compliance with requirements, and the need for vigilance in response to regional and international developments. He highlighted the necessity of tightening measures against smuggling and organized crime.

During the two-day visit, Chanegriha also inaugurated a multipurpose hall and inspected units, providing directives to personnel. The visit was part of the Algerian People's National Army's (ANP) comprehensive preparations, which involve mobilizing resources, continuous training, and executing various exercises to instill faith in the national cause, loyalty to the martyrs' oath, and a sense of sacrifice for the defense of the country's vital interests.

Why this matters: The live-fire exercise and Chanegriha's visit demonstrate Algeria's commitment to maintaining a high level of military readiness and combating security threats. As regional tensions persist, these efforts underscore the ANP's critical role in safeguarding Algeria's national interests and stability.

The tactical exercise in the 3rd Military Region is a testament to the ANP's ongoing efforts to enhance its operational capabilities and preparedness. Chanegriha's hands-on approach and emphasis on vigilance reflect the leadership's determination to address the challenges posed by terrorism, smuggling, and organized crime. As he stated during his visit, "The Algerian People's National Army remains committed to defending the nation's vital interests and ensuring the security of its borders."

Key Takeaways

  • Algerian Army Chief Chanegriha visited 3rd Military Region, oversaw live-fire exercise.
  • Exercise aimed to evaluate operational readiness and combat capabilities of units.
  • Chanegriha emphasized combat readiness, vigilance against regional threats, organized crime.
  • Visit part of ANP's preparations, including mobilizing resources, training, executing exercises.
  • Exercise demonstrates Algeria's commitment to military readiness and national security.