Argentina's President Milei Faces Scrutiny Over Alleged Communication with Deceased Dog

Newly elected Argentine president Javier Milei faces scrutiny over claims he communicates with his deceased cloned dog for political advice, raising concerns about his mental health and ability to govern.

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Argentina's President Milei Faces Scrutiny Over Alleged Communication with Deceased Dog

Argentina's President Milei Faces Scrutiny Over Alleged Communication with Deceased Dog

Javier Milei, the newly elected president of Argentina, is facing speculation about his mental health amid reports that he communicates with his deceased dog Conan for political advice. Milei's spokesperson, Manuel Adorni, has dismissed these claims as "disrespectful," stating that it is "absolutely disrespectful" to describe the president as a person who speaks to things that do not exist.

Milei had Conan, an English Mastiff, cloned after the dog's death in 2017 due to cancer. The president now owns four copies of the dog, which he refers to as his "four-legged children." However, Adorni has not clarified the exact number of dogs Milei owns, leading to confusion and concern among journalists.

The president's eccentric behavior has also raised eyebrows, with reports of him dressing up as a superhero alter ego and wielding a live chainsaw on the campaign trail to illustrate his plans for deep cuts to state spending. An unauthorized biography of Milei claims that he consults all his dogs, both dead and alive, with the help of a medium specialized in "interspecies communication."

Milei has refused to answer questions about his dogs, but his predecessor, Alberto Fernandez, has weighed in on the issue, stating that his own dog does not advise him and is alive. Protesters have also mocked Milei's alleged communication with Conan, with one student walking an invisible "dog" on a leash at a rally against funding cuts.

Why this matters: The speculation surrounding President Milei's mental health and his alleged communication with his deceased dog raises concerns about his ability to govern effectively. As the head of Argentina, Milei's actions and behavior are under close scrutiny, and any perceived eccentricities or unconventional practices could impact public trust and confidence in his leadership.

The controversy has sparked a public discussion about the role of pets in politics and the boundaries between personal and professional life. While Milei's spokesperson has dismissed the claims as disrespectful, the president's refusal to directly address the issue has only fueled further speculation. As Argentina faces economic challenges and the need for reforms, the focus on Milei's relationship with his dogs has become a distraction from the pressing issues at hand.

Key Takeaways

  • Newly elected Argentinian president Javier Milei accused of communicating with deceased dog
  • Milei owns 4 clones of his late dog Conan, refers to them as "4-legged children"
  • Milei's eccentric behavior, including dressing as a superhero, raises concerns about his mental health
  • Milei refuses to answer questions about his dogs, sparking public discussion on pets in politics
  • Controversy distracts from pressing economic issues Argentina faces, impacting public trust in leadership