Filmmaker, Mariano Cohn, Continues to Justice Years after Brother's Tragic Death at San Isidro Hospital

Doctors accused of manslaughter in death of filmmaker's diabetic brother, 9 years after incident. Oral trial begins in Argentina, highlighting medical malpractice accountability.

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Filmmaker Seeks Justice for Brother's Tragic Death at San Isidro Hospital

Filmmaker Seeks Justice for Brother's Tragic Death at San Isidro Hospital

Almost nine years after the death of Alejandro Cohn, the brother of filmmaker Mariano Cohn, the oral trial begins in the Correctional Court No. 4 of San Isidro. Nine doctors are accused of manslaughter and violation of evidentiary elements in Alejandro's death.

Alejandro, a 35-year-old diabetic, was admitted to the Central Municipal Hospital of San Isidro in July 2015 due to low blood sugar. However, 48 hours later, he was declared brain dead with multiple injuries. The family alleges that the doctors performed "wild medical practices" and tried to cover up the incident, which they claim was not a traffic accident as initially reported.

The autopsy revealed severe injuries, including a dislocation of the cervical vertebra and other fractures. Alejandro had been traveling on his motorcycle when he experienced a sugar drop and was taken to the hospital. After being admitted, his condition deteriorated, and he was later found in intensive care with the injuries.

The Cohn family filed a criminal complaint, leading to the trial of the nine doctors from the municipal hospital. The prosecutor will lead the accusation, and the trial is expected to last around a month.

Why this matters: This case highlights the importance of holding medical professionals accountable for alleged malpractice and ensuring proper care for patients in hospitals. The outcome of the trial could have implications for medical practices and oversight in Argentina.

Mariano Cohn, the filmmaker, is seeking justice for his brother's tragic death. The trial will examine the evidence and testimony to determine if the doctors are guilty of the accused crimes. The family hopes that the legal process will provide answers and accountability for what happened to Alejandro during his hospital stay in 2015.

Key Takeaways

  • Alejandro Cohn, 35, died in 2015 after hospital stay for low blood sugar.
  • Autopsy revealed severe injuries, including cervical vertebra dislocation.
  • 9 doctors accused of manslaughter and evidence tampering in Alejandro's death.
  • Oral trial begins in San Isidro, Argentina, after family filed criminal complaint.
  • Outcome could impact medical practices and oversight in Argentina.