Protests Erupt in Bahrain Amid Global Demonstrations for Palestine

Protests erupted in Bahrain and six other countries, condemning Israeli actions in Gaza and supporting the Palestinian people. Demonstrations were held in Iran, Jordan, Morocco, Yemen, France, and Australia, marking 210 days since the start of the Gaza conflict.

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Protests Erupt in Bahrain Amid Global Demonstrations for Palestine

Protests Erupt in Bahrain Amid Global Demonstrations for Palestine

On Saturday, protests erupted in Bahrain as part of a wave of global demonstrations in support of the Palestinian people and condemning Israeli crimes. The protests mark the 210th day since the start of what demonstrators are calling the "Israeli genocide against Gaza."

Why this matters: The widespread protests across multiple countries demonstrate a growing international outcry against Israeli actions in Gaza, highlighting the need for diplomatic efforts to resolve the conflict. As the death toll continues to rise, the global community's response will have significant implications for regional stability and humanitarian efforts.

In Bahrain, a massive demonstration took place at the Imam Al-Sadiq Mosque in Diraz, with protesters condemning Israeli crimes and calling for the end of normalization and the expulsion of the Israeli ambassador. Bahrain was one of seven countries that saw major protests on Saturday, alongside Iran, Jordan, Morocco, Yemen, France, and Australia.

In Iran, demonstrations were held in Kerman and Hamedan, with pro raising slogans against American and British policies supporting Israel's actions in Gaza. Morocco saw a protest organized in front of the American consulate in Casablanca in solidarity with pro-Palestine protests at US universities.

Jordan witnessed a large march launched in front of the Husseini Mosque in Amman, with around participating in solidarity with Palestine. In Yemen, dozens of massive marches were held in the governates of Saada, Raymah, and Marib to reaffirm Yemen's unwavering stance in support of Palestine.

France saw student protests in front of the University of Political Sciences in Paris and Lyon, denouncing the Israeli actions in Gaza. French police were seen beating up several students persist in Paris. Australia also experienced a massive student demonstration at the University of Sydney, alongside sit-ins and protests at the universities of Melbourne and Canberra.

The Palestinian Health Ministry reported that the total number of Palestinians killed since the aggression on Gaza began last October has risen to 34,662, with 77,867 wounded. These global worlds demonstrate widespread support for the Palestinian people and condemnation of Israeli actions, urging the international community to take action to end what protesters are calling a "genocide against Gaza."

Key Takeaways

  • Pro-Palestine protests erupt in 7 countries, including Bahrain, Iran, and France.
  • Protesters condemn Israeli crimes and call for end of normalization and expulsion of Israeli ambassador.
  • Global demonstrations mark 210th day of "Israeli genocide against Gaza."
  • Palestinian Health Ministry reports 34,662 killed and 77,867 wounded since October.
  • Protests urge international community to take action to end conflict and support Palestinian people.