Dhaka Roads Covered in Drain Mud, Sparking City Corporation Discussions

Dhaka's roads plagued by drain mud and illegal sewage connections; city officials take action to address health risks and hold violators accountable, urging public responsibility for a cleaner city.

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Dhaka Roads Covered in Drain Mud, Sparking City Corporation Discussions

Dhaka Roads Covered in Drain Mud, Sparking City Corporation Discussions

The roads of Dhaka's Clean City have been left covered in drain mud, according to a report published on the last page of Prothom Alo newspaper. The issue has led to discussions at the city corporation building as officials confront the unsightly and unsanitary conditions.

The problem appears to stem from recent actions by a contractor employed by the Dhaka Water Supply and Sewerage Authority (Wasa). The Dhaka North City Corporation (DNCC) has filed a general diary (GD) against the Wasa contractor for digging up roads in Uttara Sector 7 without permission. The contractor allegedly dug up roads 9/B, 13, and 34 to set up water supply lines, depriving the DNCC of revenue and disrupting the movement of people and vehicles.

Compounding the issue is the fact that the DNCC had just completed development work on these roads a mere five months ago. The Wasa contractor was not granted permission to dig them up, yet proceeded to do so anyway. The Dhaka Mahanagarir Sarak Khonon Nitimala-2019 policy requires authorities to work within a 15-day schedule and obtain permission before digging roads, guidelines the Wasa contractor apparently ignored.

The drain mud covering the roads is not the only sewage-related problem Dhaka is facing. The DNCC has also issued a warning to homeowners that it will take strict measures starting in September 2024 if domestic sewage lines are found to be emptying into surface drainage. DNCC Mayor Atiqul Islam announced this at a meeting with leaders of area-based associations from Gulshan, Baridhara, Banani, and Niketan.

According to Mayor Islam, the DNCC has prepared a list of buildings with sewage lines directly linked to surface water drainage. They plan to conduct drives in these areas to disconnect illegal sewage lines and take legal action against errant homeowners. The mayor urged people to take responsibility for building a clean city, stating "if you manage your sewage, you will not have to pay a separate sewage bill." The DNCC also announced a reward for building owners who are properly managing their waste.

Why this matters: The unsanitary conditions created by drain mud and illegal sewage connections pose significant health risks to Dhaka residents. The city corporation's efforts to address these issues and hold violators accountable are crucial steps towards improving public health and quality of life in the densely populated city.

As Dhaka grapples with the fallout from unauthorized road digging and improper sewage disposal, officials are taking steps to remedy the situation. The DNCC's actions against the Wasa contractor and its plans to crack down on illegal sewage connections demonstrate a commitment to maintaining a clean and healthy city. Mayor Atiqul Islam's call for public responsibility and cooperation underscores the importance of a collaborative effort between the government and citizens in tackling these challenges. With discussions ongoing at the city corporation building, residents hope to see swift and effective solutions to the drain mud and sewage problems plaguing Dhaka's roads.

Key Takeaways

  • Dhaka roads covered in drain mud due to unauthorized road digging by Wasa contractor.
  • DNCC filed GD against Wasa contractor for digging roads without permission, disrupting traffic.
  • DNCC to disconnect illegal sewage lines, take action against homeowners from Sept 2024.
  • Mayor urges public responsibility, offers reward for proper waste management.
  • Unsanitary conditions pose health risks, DNCC taking steps to address drain mud, sewage issues.