Belarus Developing Laser Weapons, Belarusian Defense Ministry claims

Belarus claims to be developing laser weapons, raising regional security concerns as tensions persist in Eastern Europe over the Ukraine conflict. The country aims to become a leader in advanced military tech through domestic production.

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Belarus Developing Laser Weapons, President Lukashenko Claims

Belarus Developing Laser Weapons, Belarusian Defense Ministry claims

Belarusian Defense Ministry has claimed that Belarus is developing laser weapons, according to a statement reported on April 25, 2024. The information was provided by Colonel Viktar Tumar, the Deputy Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces for scientific work, during a military-scientific conference in Minsk.

Tumar stressed that the Belarusian defense industry is focused on domestic manufacturers and is moving towards creating combat means that are based on new physical principles. He stated that Belarus is "one of the leaders in electronic warfare, developing radar systems for detecting various objects" and that they also have "developments in laser weapons" and are "moving directly to weapons based on new physical principles."

The Belarusian Defence Ministry claimed that the country is focused on "having only its own, Belarusian, products" when it comes to military technology and weaponry. This development comes as the UK is exploring the possibility of supplying Ukraine with a prototype of the DragonFire laser weapon system to counteract drone and missile threats.

The DragonFire is a laser weapon capable of neutralizing drones and missiles, operating invisibly and silently. It can heat a metal surface to 3000C, creating plasma and penetrating aircraft fuselages and weapon casings within seconds. Laser weaponry is known for its cost-efficiency, with each discharge estimated at only $12. The British Navy is slated to be the initial recipient of the DragonFire system, followed by ground-based deployments.

Why this matters: The development of laser weapons by Belarus has potential implications for regional security and the balance of power in Eastern Europe. As tensions remain high between Russia and the West over the conflict in Ukraine, the introduction of advanced weaponry could further complicate the geopolitical landscape.

Colonel Tumar's statements at the military-scientific conference in Minsk highlight Belarus' ambitions to become a leader in advanced military technology. While the exact capabilities and timeline for the deployment of Belarusian laser weapons remain unclear, the country's focus on domestic production and new physical principles suggests a significant investment in this area.

Key Takeaways

  • Belarus claims development of laser weapons, per military official.
  • Belarus aims to rely on domestic military tech, move to new principles.
  • UK exploring supplying Ukraine with DragonFire laser weapon prototype.
  • DragonFire can neutralize drones, missiles at low cost per shot.
  • Belarus' laser weapon development could impact regional security in Europe.