Brussels Municipality Sues Public Transport Company Over Metro Vibrations

Municipalities sue Brussels' public transport company STIB over increased metro noise and vibrations affecting residents, highlighting the need for effective solutions to address community concerns.

Sakchi Khandelwal
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Brussels Municipality Sues Public Transport Company Over Metro Vibrations

Brussels Municipality Sues Public Transport Company Over Metro Vibrations

The municipalities of Woluwe-Saint-Lambert and Woluwe-Saint-Pierre have filed a lawsuit against the Brussels public transport company STIB over increased noise and vibrations caused by the metro along lines 1 and 5. The disturbances are affecting residents in several municipalities, including Etterbeek, Anderlecht, Auderghem, and the Woluwe area.

According to STIB, the problem originates from a malfunction in the wheels of the new metro trains, which are wearing out quickly and leading to greater noise and vibration levels. The company has tested a set of wheels and implemented a specific wheel treatment system in an attempt to address the issue. However, the results have been unsatisfactory from the perspective of local residents and municipal officials.

"The nuisances continue, and the residents are very upset that no action has been taken to address the issue," stated Benoît Cerexhe, the mayor of Woluwe-Saint-Pierre. The legal action taken by the Woluwe municipalities reflects the growing frustration among residents who have been dealing with the metro disturbances for an extended period.

Why this matters: The lawsuit emphasizes the importance of public transport companies addressing the concerns and well-being of residents living near their infrastructure. The outcome of this case could set a precedent for how similar issues are handled in the future, potentially leading to improved measures to mitigate noise and vibration impacts on surrounding communities.

STIB has acknowledged the problem and has taken steps to find a solution, but the measures implemented thus far have not yielded satisfactory results for the affected residents and municipalities. As the legal proceedings unfold, the public transport company will need to demonstrate its commitment to finding an effective resolution to the metro vibration issue and ensuring the comfort and quality of life for those living along the affected lines.

Key Takeaways

  • Woluwe municipalities sue STIB over metro noise, vibrations on lines 1 and 5.
  • Issue stems from malfunctioning metro wheels causing excessive noise and vibration.
  • STIB's attempted solutions have not satisfied affected residents and officials.
  • Lawsuit highlights need for public transport to address community concerns.
  • Outcome could set precedent for mitigating infrastructure impacts on surrounding areas.