Santa Cruz Unveils Gothic Walking Tour Exploring City's Dark Side

Explore the Gothic side of Santa Cruz, Bolivia through a unique walking tour that uncovers the city's haunted history and urban legends. Join anthropologist Mario Arrien Gutiérrez on this immersive cultural experience.

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Santa Cruz Unveils Gothic Walking Tour Exploring City's Dark Side

Santa Cruz Unveils Gothic Walking Tour Exploring City's Dark Side

The city of Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia is launching a unique historical walking tour called "Santa Cruz Gótica" or "Gothic Santa Cruz".

Led by anthropologist Mario Arrien Gutiérrez, the tour will explore the darker, more sinister side of the city's historic houses and buildings, sharing supernatural stories and urban legends collected from local residents.

The Gothic Santa Cruz tour, scheduled for April 17 and 20, 2024, will begin at the Museo de la Ciudad Altillo Beni. Participants will then visit several locations known for their rich and sometimes allegedly haunted histories, including the Altillo de las Arenales, Casa Melchor Pinto, Casa Cultural Carmencita, Casona de la Fraternidad Haraganes, Casa Ramos, Mojón con Cara, Edificio de la Fundación Patiño, Casa Municipal de Cultura Raúl Otero Reiche, and Casona Gutiérrez Jiménez.

No pre-registration is required to join the tour, but early arrival is recommended to secure a spot in the group. The walking tour is just one of 30 cultural activities, such as workshops, discussions, and galas, being hosted by the city through the end of April 2024. The events are organized by the Mayor's Office and the group Unidos por la Danza .

Why this matters: The Gothic Santa Cruz tour offers a fresh perspective on the city's history and folklore, showcasing a different side of its cultural heritage. By sharing spooky tales and visiting allegedly haunted sites, the tour aims to engage both locals and visitors in a unique and immersive experience that goes beyond typical historical tours.

Anthropologist and tour guide Mario Arrien Gutiérrez expressed enthusiasm about leading participants through the city's mysterious past. "Santa Cruz has a rich history filled with intriguing stories and legends that often go untold," he said. "This tour will allow us to explore that darker side of our city's heritage and share some of the supernatural tales that have been passed down through generations."

Key Takeaways

  • Santa Cruz, Bolivia, launched "Gothic Santa Cruz" walking tour in 2024.
  • The tour, led by anthropologist Mario Arrien Gutiérrez, will explore the city's haunted histories.
  • Tour visits sites like Museo de la Ciudad Altillo Beni, Casa Melchor Pinto, and more.
  • Tour part of 30 cultural events organized by Mayor's Office and Unidos por la Danza.
  • Tour aims to engage locals and visitors in city's spooky folklore and heritage.