Brazilian Lawyer Becomes Real-Life Superman After Viral Video

Leonardo Muylaert, a Brazilian civil rights lawyer, unexpectedly became an internet sensation and real-life superhero after a video of his uncanny resemblance to Superman went viral. He now uses his newfound fame to bring joy and hope to people across Brazil.

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Brazilian Lawyer Becomes Real-Life Superman After Viral Video

Brazilian Lawyer Becomes Real-Life Superman After Viral Video

Leonardo Muylaert, a 36-year-old civil rights lawyer from Brasilia, Brazil, has unexpectedly become an internet sensation and real-life superhero after a video of him at the 2022 Comic-Con convention in Sao Paulo went viral. The video, recorded by a stranger, showcased Muylaert's uncanny resemblance to the late actor Christopher Reeve, who famously portrayed Superman in the 1978 film and its sequels.

Muylaert, who was previously unknown to the public, quickly gained a massive following on social media, with fans dubbing him the "Brazilian Superman." Embracing his newfound fame, Muylaert decided to use his striking similarity to the iconic superhero for good. He ordered a custom-made Superman costume and began traveling around Brazil, visiting hospitals, schools, and charities to bring joy and hope to people, especially children.

The nearly 6'7" tall lawyer has been warmly received by patients and staff at the hospitals he visits, including the National Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics in Rio de Janeiro. Muylaert's girlfriend, Helenise Santos, has taken on the role of managing his superhero persona, handling his schedule and social media accounts. The couple's efforts have not gone unnoticed, with Muylaert's videos being shared by notable figures such as James Gunn, the director of the "Guardians of the Galaxy" films.

Why this matters: Muylaert's story serves as an inspiring example of how one person can make a positive impact on their community, even in unexpected ways. His actions demonstrate the power of using one's unique talents and circumstances to bring happiness and hope to others, especially during challenging times.

While Muylaert continues to maintain his day job as a civil rights lawyer, he is carefully considering how much time and energy to devote to his Superman persona. The role has provided him with a sense of fulfillment and meaningful human interaction that he sometimes misses in his regular work routine. As Muylaert traverses this new chapter in his life, he remains committed to using his superhero status to connect with and serve his community in a positive way.

Key Takeaways

  • Civil rights lawyer in Brazil becomes internet sensation as Superman lookalike.
  • Embraces his resemblance to Superman, dresses up and visits hospitals, schools, charities.
  • Girlfriend manages his superhero persona, videos shared by notable figures.
  • Maintains day job but considers devoting more time to his superhero role.
  • Inspiring example of using unique talents to positively impact the community.