More money pledged for flood-stricken Brazil

The BRICS group pledges $1 billion to assist flood-ravaged southern Brazil as the death toll climbs to 147. Unprecedented flooding in Rio Grande do Sul has affected two million people, with over 620,000 displaced. Concerns persist as river levels remain high and heavy rainfall continues. Local scientists attribute the intensified weather patterns to climate change.

Aqsa Younas Rana
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BRICS Bank Pledges $1.1 Billion for Flood-Ravaged Rio Grande do Sul

* BRICS pledges $1 billion aid for flood-hit southern Brazil.

The BRICS group of nations has pledged one billion dollars to aid storm-ravaged southern Brazil, as floodwaters slowly recede to reveal the widespread devastation caused by unprecedented flooding. The deluge, spanning several days, has claimed at least 147 lives in Rio Grande do Sul state, with 124 individuals still missing, according to official figures.

The flooding has affected two million people in both rural and urban areas, with over 620,000 displaced and more than 81,000 seeking refuge in temporary shelters like schools and gymnasiums. Damage assessment is ongoing, particularly in remote or isolated regions, while the state remains on high alert for further rising waters, especially in the capital, Porto Alegre.

Why This Matters: The death toll continues to rise, with 147 confirmed fatalities and 125 individuals still unaccounted for, according to the local civil defense authorities. The number of displaced people has surged to around 537,000, a significant increase from the previous day's report of 340,000. Approximately 446 urban centers have been impacted, affecting over 2.1 million residents in a state with a population of about 10.9 million.

Weather forecasts indicate ongoing rainfall, raising concerns about river levels and exacerbating the flooding situation. Meteorologists warn of accumulated precipitation in critical areas along river basins, posing further challenges to relief efforts.

Local scientists attribute the intensified weather patterns to climate change, as Rio Grande do Sul sits at the confluence of tropical and polar atmospheres. This geographical location results in erratic weather conditions, characterized by periods of heavy rainfall and drought, which have become increasingly severe in recent years.

Key Takeaways:

  • BRICS pledges $1 billion aid for flood-hit southern Brazil.
  • Death toll reaches 147, with 124 still missing.
  • Two million affected, over 620,000 displaced by unprecedented flooding.
  • River levels remain high, heavy rainfall exacerbates situation.
  • Local scientists attribute intensified weather patterns to climate change.
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