Mototaxi Drivers Protest on Road to Yaoundé Presidential Palace

Mototaxi drivers in Yaoundé, Cameroon protest new government regulations, disrupting traffic as they fight for their livelihoods.

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Mototaxi Drivers Protest on Road to Yaoundé Presidential Palace

Mototaxi Drivers Protest on Road to Yaoundé Presidential Palace

On Tuesday, mototaxi drivers in Yaoundé, Cameroon staged a protest on the road leading to the presidential palace. The drivers, who provide a popular form of transportation in the city, were demonstrating against recent government regulations and restrictions on their operations.

According to eyewitnesses, hundreds of mototaxi drivers gathered on the busy thoroughfare, blocking traffic and chanting slogans. Many carried signs expressing their frustration with the new rules, which they claim are hurting their livelihoods and ability to serve customers.

"We depend on this work to feed our families," said Jean-Paul Mbida, a mototaxi driver who participated in the protest. "The government's actions are making it impossible for us to earn a living."

The protest caused significant disruptions to traffic in the area, with long lines of vehicles backed up for several kilometers. Police were dispatched to the scene but did not intervene, allowing the peaceful demonstration to continue.

Why this matters: The protest highlights the challenges faced by informal workers in many African cities as governments attempt to regulate and formalize their industries. The outcome of this dispute could have implications for the livelihoods of thousands of mototaxi drivers and the transportation options available to Yaoundé residents.

Government officials have not yet publicly commented on the protest or the drivers' demands. "We are simply trying to bring some order and safety to the mototaxi industry," a transport ministry official said on condition of anonymity, as he was not authorized to speak to the press. As the demonstration continued into the afternoon, it remained uncertain if and how the government would respond to the issues brought up by the protesting drivers in Yaoundé.

Key Takeaways

  • Mototaxi drivers in Yaoundé, Cameroon protested new gov't regulations
  • Hundreds of drivers blocked traffic, chanting against rules hurting livelihoods
  • Protest highlights challenges faced by informal workers in African cities
  • Gov't aims to regulate mototaxi industry, but drivers say it hurts earnings
  • The outcome of dispute could impact thousands of drivers and transportation