Canada's Jewish Population FacesRecord AntisemitismUnder Trudeau

Canada's Jewish population faced a record 5,791 reported antisemitic incidents in 2023, a 208% increase in violent incidents. The alarming surge has experts warning of an even worse 2024, with Canada's Jewish community on high alert.

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Canada's Jewish Population FacesRecord AntisemitismUnder Trudeau

Canada's Jewish Population FacesRecord AntisemitismUnder Trudeau

Canada's Jewish population is facing an alarming surge in antisemitic incidents under Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's government, with 2023 setting a grim new record and experts warning that 2024 is likely to be even worse. According to a recent audit by B'nai Brith Canada, a Jewish advocacy organization, there were 5,791 reported incidents of antisemitism in Canada between January 1 and December 31, 2023.

Why this matters: The rise of antisemitism in Canada has far-reaching implications for social cohesion and tolerance, threatening the country's reputation as a safe haven for minority groups. If left unchecked, this trend could embolden hate groups and fuel further discrimination against other vulnerable communities.

This staggering figure represents a significant increase from the previous record of 2,799 incidents in 2021. Richard Robertson, the group's director of policy and research, expressed grave concern, stating, "If a physical barometer did in fact exist, the reading for 2023 would be off the chart." He highlighted the disturbing 208% increase in violent incidents, with 77 recorded in 2023 compared to just 25 in 2022.

The audit's findings paint a bleak picture for Canada's Jewish community. Melissa Lantsman, co-deputy leader of Canada's Conservative Party, has spoken out about the issue, noting that prior to Trudeau's election, Canada was considered one of the safest countries for Jews outside of Israel. However, those days ofrelative safetyand security now seem to be a thing of the past.

The release of the audit coincided with Holocaust Remembrance Day, or Yom HaShoah, on May 6, 2024, adding further poignancy to the troubling statistics. As Canada's Jewish population grapples with the rising tide of antisemitism, questions are being raised about theirsafety and well-beingunder the current government's watch.

The record-breaking number of antisemitic incidents in 2023, coupled with the alarming increase in violent attacks, serves as a stark warning that urgent action is needed to address this growing threat. As 2024 unfolds, Canada's Jewish community remains on high alert, bracing for what experts fear may be another year of unprecedented antisemitism under Prime Minister Trudeau'sleadership.