Toronto Tow Truck Kingpin Killed After Being Target of Murder Plots

Prominent Toronto tow truck mogul Alexander Vinogradsky killed in suspected retaliation for alleged murder plots against rivals, highlighting violent turf wars in the industry.

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Toronto Tow Truck Kingpin Killed After Being Target of Murder Plots

Toronto Tow Truck Kingpin Killed After Being Target of Murder Plots

Alexander Vinogradsky, a prominent figure in Toronto's tow truck industry, was fatally shot on March 28, 2024, outside a plaza in the city. Vinogradsky, the owner of Paramount Towing, had been a marked man and the focus of assassination schemes in the years preceding his death.

In late 2018, Vinogradsky allegedly orchestrated hits on two perceived competitors in the tow truck business - Sergei Manukian and Soheil Cadi Rafipour. Manukian survived a drive-by shooting, but Rafipour was killed on Christmas Eve that year. Court decisions revealed that police had information indicating Vinogradsky was behind the murder plots, though he was never charged.

Manukian and Rafipour were associates of Girolamo Commisso, the nephew of a senior Mafia figure in the Greater Toronto Area. In an apparent retaliation, Commisso, along with his associate Alex Yizhak and Manukian's friend Jonathan Salazar Blanco, were charged with conspiring to kill Vinogradsky in Costa Rica. However, they were later acquitted due to the unavailability of the key witness, Salazar Blanco.

Why this matters: The killing of Alexander Vinogradsky sheds light on the violent turf wars and criminal underworld tied to Toronto's tow truck industry. The deadly rivalries and alleged murder plots involving prominent figures like Vinogradsky emphasize the need for continued law enforcement efforts to combat organized crime and violence in the city

Vinogradsky's Paramount Towing was one of four tow truck companies allegedly involved in a deadly turf war that prompted a major police crackdown in 2019-2020. Despite the acquittal of Commisso and Yizhak in the conspiracy to kill Vinogradsky, WhatsApp messages between the men suggested there was "no love lost" between them and the Paramount Towing chief. As of April 20, 2024, no suspects have been named or arrests made in connection with Vinogradsky's killing.

Key Takeaways

  • Prominent tow truck owner Alexander Vinogradsky fatally shot in Toronto in 2024.
  • Vinogradsky allegedly orchestrated hits on 2 competitors in 2018, but was never charged.
  • Alleged retaliation plot to kill Vinogradsky in Costa Rica failed due to witness unavailability.
  • Vinogradsky's company was involved in a deadly tow truck turf war in Toronto.
  • No suspects named or arrests made in Vinogradsky's killing as of April 2024.