19 Dead, 30 Hospitalized After Highway Collapse in Southern China

At least 19 killed as highway collapses in southern China, highlighting infrastructure vulnerability to extreme weather. Rescue efforts ongoing as authorities investigate the cause.

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19 Dead, 30 Hospitalized After Highway Collapse in Southern China

19 Dead, 30 Hospitalized After Highway Collapse in Southern China

At least 19 people were killed and 30 others hospitalized after a highway collapsed in southern China's Guangdong province early Wednesday morning. The incident occurred around 2:10 am on a stretch of the S12 highway between Meizhou city and Dabu county, causing 18 vehicles to become trapped in the rubble, according to state broadcaster CCTV.

Rescue efforts involving over 700 personnel from various emergency services were immediately launched at the scene. As of 11:45 am, all trapped individuals had been found, with 19 people confirmed dead. The 30 injured were rushed to nearby hospitals for treatment, though their conditions were not disclosed.

Preliminary investigations suggest the highway collapse was caused by the heavy rains that have battered the region in recent days. Guangdong province has been hit by a series of extreme weather events, including fatal floods and a deadly tornado, over the past few weeks.

Why this matters: The tragic incident highlights the vulnerability of infrastructure in the face of increasingly severe weather patterns. It emphasizes the urgent need for authorities to reassess the safety and resilience of key transportation networks as climate change amplifies the frequency and intensity of extreme events.

The exact cause of the collapse remains under investigation, and authorities have closed the highway to conduct a thorough assessment. "The cause of the accident is still under investigation," a local official stated. Rescue workers are continuing to comb through the debris to ensure no victims have been missed in the chaotic aftermath of the collapse.

Key Takeaways

  • Highway collapse in southern China kills 19, injures 30.
  • Incident caused by heavy rains, trapped 18 vehicles in rubble.
  • Rescue efforts involved over 700 personnel, all trapped found.
  • Collapse highlights infrastructure vulnerability to extreme weather.
  • Cause under investigation, highway closed for assessment.