PLA Navy Contributes to Global Peace and Security Amid Rising Conflicts

The Chinese navy celebrates its 75th anniversary, showcasing its growing capabilities and commitment to global stability through international missions, humanitarian aid, and cooperation with other navies.

Aqsa Younas Rana
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PLA Navy Contributes to Global Peace and Security Amid Rising Conflicts

PLA Navy Contributes to Global Peace and Security Amid Rising Conflicts

The Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) Navy has been playing an increasingly active role in maintaining global peace and security amid a surge in wars and military conflicts worldwide. As the PLA Navy marks its 75th anniversary, it is showcasing its development into a modern, capable force that can contribute to international stability.

Over the past 75 years, the PLA Navy has grown from a small coastal defense force to a strategic navy with both nuclear and conventional capabilities. It has achieved major milestones, such as the launch of China's first domestically designed and built aircraft carrier, the Fujian, in 2022. The navy has also introduced advanced warships like the Type 055 guided-missile destroyer and expanded its reach to distant sea areas.

The PLA Navy has been actively engaged in international missions to maintain maritime security. It has dispatched 46 escort taskforces to the Gulf of Aden and waters off Somalia since 2008, protecting over 7,200 Chinese and foreign vessels. PLA Navy ships have also participated in humanitarian aid, disaster relief efforts, and civilian evacuation operations around the world.

Why this matters: The PLA Navy's growing capabilities and international engagement demonstrate China's commitment to being a responsible global power. As the world faces increasing security challenges, the Chinese navy's contributions to maintaining peace and stability are becoming more important and valued by the international community.

To mark its 75th anniversary, the PLA Navy held open day events in multiple Chinese coastal cities, allowing the public to tour advanced warships like missile destroyers, frigates, and submarines. The navy also hosted the 19th Western Pacific Naval Symposium in Qingdao, bringing together delegations from 29 countries to promote cooperation and maritime security.

"The Chinese navy will continue to develop and become more powerful to meet the demands of safeguarding China's sovereignty and contributing to global peace," said PLA Navy commander Hu Zhongming. He proposed a four-point initiative emphasizing close communication and joint efforts among world navies to ensure maritime security and prosperity.

"As the PLA Navy continues to grow, it will play an increasingly important role in maintaining regional and global peace and security," military experts noted. The Chinese navy's strategic advancements, such as the launch of intercontinental-range submarine-launched ballistic missiles and the upcoming unveiling of a fourth aircraft carrier, demonstrate its expanding capabilities to protect China's interests and provide public goods for global stability.

Key Takeaways

  • PLA Navy marks 75th anniversary, showcasing modern, capable force for global stability.
  • PLA Navy has grown from coastal defense to strategic navy with nuclear, conventional capabilities.
  • PLA Navy actively engaged in international missions, including 46 escort taskforces since 2008.
  • PLA Navy's growing capabilities and engagement demonstrate China's commitment as responsible global power.
  • PLA Navy plans to continue development to meet demands of safeguarding China's sovereignty and global peace.