Suez Canal Authority Rescues Cargo Ship from Capsizing off Port Said

Suez Canal Authority swiftly rescues cargo ship from capsizing, averting potential maritime disaster and trade disruption. Authorities investigating incident to prevent similar occurrences.

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Suez Canal Authority Rescues Cargo Ship from Capsizing off Port Said

Suez Canal Authority Rescues Cargo Ship from Capsizing off Port Said

The Suez Canal Authority announced that its marine rescue units saved the cargo ship 'Labatros', which had 12 crew members on board, from capsizing off the shores of Port Said, Egypt on April 23, 2024. The rescue was carried out by the tugboats 'Port Said' and 'Mosaheb', as well as the boat 'Bahar 10'.

The 'Labatros' was a Tanzanian-flagged cargo ship measuring 94 meters in length, 15 meters in width, 6 meters in draft, and with a capacity of 3,000 tons. The ship was on its way from Lebanon to Egypt's Adabeya Port when it began tilting to the right side, putting it at risk of capsizing.

Prompt action by the Suez Canal Authority's rescue units prevented a potential maritime disaster. The tugboats and rescue boat were able to stabilize the 'Labatros' and bring it to safety. All 12 crew members on board were reported to be unharmed.

Why this matters: The Suez Canal is a vital global shipping route, and any incidents in the waterway can have far-reaching effects on international trade. The successful rescue operation by the Suez Canal Authority ensured that a potentially serious disruption was averted.

The Suez Canal Authority is currently investigating the technical reasons behind the ship's tilting and any potential pollution caused by the incident. "The rescue units dealt professionally with the incident and succeeded in rescuing the ship without any damage to the ship's hull or its cargo," said George Safwat, the official spokesman for the Suez Canal Authority. Authorities will continue to monitor the situation and work to determine the underlying causes to prevent similar incidents in the future.

Key Takeaways

  • Suez Canal Authority rescued cargo ship 'Labatros' from capsizing off Port Said.
  • 'Labatros' was a Tanzanian-flagged ship on its way from Lebanon to Egypt.
  • Rescue operation prevented potential maritime disaster in the vital global shipping route.
  • All 12 crew members were unharmed, and the ship was stabilized and brought to safety.
  • Authorities investigating technical reasons behind the incident and any potential pollution.