Global Donors Urged to Fully Fund Ethiopia's $3.2 Billion Humanitarian Appeal

Ethiopia faces severe humanitarian crisis with 21M in need; UN appeal for $3.2B only 4% funded. Global donors urged to fully support at Geneva event, as US, UK pledge aid, but $1B still needed to address conflict and climate impacts.

Salman Khan
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Global Donors Urged to Fully Fund Ethiopia's $3.2 Billion Humanitarian Appeal

Global Donors Urged to Fully Fund Ethiopia's $3.2 Billion Humanitarian Appeal

The International Rescue Committee (IRC) is calling on global donors to fully support Ethiopia's humanitarian appeal at a High-Level Pledging Event in Geneva on April 16, 2024. Ethiopia is facing a severe humanitarian crisis, with over 21 million people in need of urgent assistance and more than 15 million facing high levels of food insecurity.

The United Nations Humanitarian Response Plan for Ethiopia requires $3.2 billion in funding, but it is currently less than 4% funded. In 2023, the funding level was only 36% of the appeal. Dr. Banchiamlack Dessalegn, the IRC's regional vice president, emphasizes the need for global solidarity and full funding of the humanitarian appeal to deliver life-saving assistance, food, water, and medical care to the affected populations.

Why this matters: The humanitarian situation in Ethiopia is critical, with millions of people facing food insecurity, malnutrition, and displacement due to ongoing conflicts, climate change, and economic shocks. The international community's response to this crisis will determine the fate of vulnerable populations and the stability of the region.

The European Union has expressed solidarity with the people of Ethiopia and calls for the full implementation of the Cessation of Hostilities Agreement for the Northern Regions. The EU urges all parties to respect international humanitarian law, ensure the protection of civilians and the safety of humanitarian and health workers, and pursue peace through dialogue.

The United States, represented by Deputy Administrator Isobel Coleman, has pledged nearly $154 million in additional humanitarian assistance for Ethiopia, bringing the total to $243 million this fiscal year. The U.S. remains the largest donor of humanitarian assistance in Ethiopia, providing nearly $900 million in 2022.

The United Kingdom has also pledged £100 million in aid to help prevent famine in Ethiopia, where more than 15 million people are in critical need of food, health, water, and sanitation assistance. UK Development Minister Andrew Mitchell urged other nations to step up and help address the crisis, which has been exacerbated by the war in Tigray and the effects of climate change.

The High-Level Pledging Event in Geneva raised pledges of almost $630 million for Ethiopia's humanitarian crisis, but fell short of the $1 billion sought to help feed and support millions facing conflict and climate change. Donors called on the Ethiopian government to ensure aid is delivered without interference and reaches those in need, noting the diversion of donated food in the past.

"Countries pledged more than $610 million on Tuesday to address the 'critical' humanitarian situation in Ethiopia, but the UN says $1 billion is needed for the next three months alone," said UN Assistant Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs Joyce Msuya. "This is just the beginning and we hope for continued and increased support throughout the year."

Key Takeaways

  • IRC urges global donors to fully fund Ethiopia's $3.2B humanitarian appeal.
  • Ethiopia faces severe crisis with 21M in need and 15M facing food insecurity.
  • EU calls for ceasefire, protection of civilians, and humanitarian access in Ethiopia.
  • U.S. pledges $154M in additional aid, becoming largest donor at $900M in 2022.
  • Pledging event raised $630M, but fell short of $1B needed for next 3 months.